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Introducing my son :)

This is my beautiful son!

This little wise man entered the world one week ago, on December 8th (his due date).

One thing is for sure:
This is a human who knows himself. We’re still listening for him to tell us his name.


I’m looking forward to discovering all the ways that motherhood shapes me and my work. If pregnancy and labor are any indication, as these little beings grow, we grow too.

Here are some photos…


04-image-4 img_2675

Thanks for being here and for creating the space for me to share this with you 🙂


  1. What yummy deliciousnes! He is beautiful! Enjoy your love fest. Relish every moment! Congratulations

  2. He is beautiful! Nisha, I am truly happy for you!

    I am expecting baby #2 in a week now and I’m just as excited as I was for baby number one.

    Motherhood has changed everything for me. I am much more of a compassionate, loving, confident, and openhearted person than I was before. As I’ve grown as a mother, I have grown as a person and as a woman.

    Goodluck with your own motherhood journey!

    • That is so beautiful to hear, Laureen! It truly does change everything, and I am constantly excited to dive deeper xx

  3. Congratulations! Isn’t it wonderful how obvious it is that we have personalities from birth, when we get to actually be with a baby from birth? I came to the hospital a few hours after my brother was born and it was so clear that “this is a human who knows himself” and a few hours after my cousin was born I saw her and felt “this is a human who is kind to everyone”. Now that they’re older, they’re growing more and more and becoming even more of themselves. <3

    Wah! So happy I'll hopefully be able to experience motherhood one day, 'til then I'll celebrate sisterhood.

    Much love!

    • Yanjaa,

      Thank you so much, sister! Such knowing you have.

  4. Gorgeous son Nisha !!! …may you learn from his precious soul each and every day! Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations! Looking forward to all the amazingness motherhood will inspire you to do and be even more of the change you want to see in the world.


    • Yanjaa, my heart is full. Thank you.

  6. He is just so beautiful! what an angel :*)

    • Fayann, Isn’t he?! Thank you, sister 🙂


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