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In a recent interview for a blog that targets entrepreneurs and other ambitious women, I was asked “Tell me about your vision for the future”.  My answer was this:

My vision for the future is to live in a world where women take incredible care of one another and themselves, enabling us to make a bigger difference in the world.

The truth is, so many ambitious women have completely forgotten how to enjoy life. We work our kaboose’s off, and play is an afterthought (if one at all) because it feels like another Big Thing to do. But an amazing life is made up of tiny, amazing moments. These simple pleasures are powerful fuel — as your sense of joy, satisfaction and pleasure expand, you’ll be able to give, love and serve in a bigger way.

30 ways to stop and smell the roses

1. Stop and smell the roses
In my Floral Design class last week, we took our time learning about each flower.  When it was Madame Freesia’s turn, I closed my eyes, held her delicate petals to the tip of my nose, and inhaled deeply.  Her heady scent took me to heaven and back in a nanosecond.  I make a point of stopping to smell flowers every day, while I walk around the city.  Try it.

2. Hold the door for someone
Yes, the person holding the door can take pleasure in this, too. Be patient so they can take their time.

3. Watch bugs in the grass
It helps if you lie down.

4. Picture yourself as a baby
You’ve always been loveable, even if you sometimes forget.

5. Put lotion on slowly
Feel your hand against your skin; feel your skin against your hand. This is your very own body.

6. Thank the cashier
Imagine interacting with hundreds of people each day and having next-to-none of them give you the time of day. Be the one who does.

7. Watch a dog for 2 minutes
They make the funniest little expressions.

8. Check out the moon
Your womb is connected to her. The brightness of the moon is the sun’s light hitting her. She’s 4.527 billion years old and is about 1/4 the size of our earth. Sometimes considering cool facts make hanging out with ‘someone’ even more awe-inspiring.

9. Feel the fabric on your skin
While you walk, notice how your clothing feels against your body, and notice how every brush ‘wakes up’ your skin.

10. Practice winking with both eyes
Do it in the mirror and laugh about how funny you look.

11. Eat with your hands
My favorite finger food is salad. No joke.

12. Skip
Even if people watch. Who cares?!

13. Watch a candle
Because fire is cool and beautiful.

14. Buy a magazine that you normally wouldn’t
What’s a subject matter that you’ve never explored? Cross-stitch? Motorcycle racing? Interior design? Check out something you know nothing about.

15. Put a flower in your hair
Every time you see yourself in the mirror, smile (and wink).

16. Buy flowers for someone else
Receiving flowers is heartwarming. Giving flowers is a thrill.

17. Feel the air on your cheeks
It’s quite amazing that your cheeks are absorbing water and oxygen from the air. Feels good, right?

18. Eat dinner off your fanciest plate
Because it’s a special occasion — today!

19. Find a plant to water
Water it, then touch the leaves to say Hi.

20. Buy crayons
Ask the server at your restaurant for a piece of paper and spend your lunch break coloring.

21. Ask a little girl what she’s reading these days
…Instead of telling her that her shoes are pretty. She knows.

22. Write a little love note to your Grandma
In as little as 3 sentences, thank her for all of the love, patience and perseverance it took to create your family.

23. Get too dressed up
…to go grocery shopping. Then buy only the kind of food that this fancy woman eats.

24. Throw something out (or give it away)
Right now, just go grab something that is taking up unnecessary space and get rid of it.

25. Sign up for a class
What have you been wanting to learn? Take a minute now to sign up for a class.

26. Wear your favorite bra and panties
…on a Tuesday …even if you’re the only one who will see them.

27. Go puddle hunting
Put on rubber boots and go looking for a good one to jump in. I’ve done this several times and it really is great fun!

28. Read your favorite book from age 12
I’m about to re-read ‘Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret’

29. Swing on a swing set
Adults can play, too! You know where the nearest playground is.

30. Call a friend right now and invite her on an adventure
You can figure out what the adventure is on the phone. Do it!

Don’t be so ambitious that you forget to live. {tweet it}

In the comments below, share one of your favorite ways to ‘stop and smell the roses’, and how you’ll take a minute to play today.