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Wise Future Self


I’m back in NYC after 3 whirlwind weeks…

In the last 3 weeks, I’ve done some seriously cool sh*t:

* Moved into my new house [soooo pretty]
* Trapeze lessons
* Spent a relaxing weekend at Lake Tahoe
* A trip to Medellín + Guatape, Colombia
* Money empowerment workshop with Monica Shah
* Met the Mythbusters guys [!!!]
* ‘Saw’ my clients from this gorgeous ‘office’
* Dinner at Alice Waters’ restaurant, Chez Panisse [OMG]
* Fab lunch dates with fab friends Sarah + LiYana
* *WON* at a bachelor auction [sent $6750 to charity]

Honestly, there is no freaking way I could have done all this cool stuff a year ago. I was too BUSY being married to my business.


Seriously, ask my friends…I was a terrible friend.

I had to fix it, and fast. I felt like my life was getting distinctly un-fabulous. I was living to work. I had fallen out of love with my most precious gift – ME.

After all…

My clients want a coach who LOVES her life.

I want my friends and family to know I’m available.

I became an entrepreneur for MORE freedom, not less.

Life is happening NOW, not after 6 figures.

So I decided, regardless of my resources (money + time),

I would get fabulous, and fast.

I figured that all the rest would work itself out (and it did).

Check out my 4 fave strategies for feeling more fabulous NOW:

Book a trip.

Seriously, go somewhere. Even if you have kids, bills to pay, clients to see, zero dollars in the bank. When is life happening? Right. Now. Be creative, find a way to go somewhere FUN that works within your resources. Now, put it in your calendar. You’ll be surprised how the rest works itself out (and how excited you’ll feel to break up the routine).

Dress up.

Everyday. Or almost every day. Wear things that you enjoy wearing, that enjoy wearing you. Accessorize until you feel ‘put together’. Do not wear those horrible sweatpants with the writing on the butt that you got in college and would not be caught dead in. You deserve to feel good at the grocery store, too. You deserve to walk a little taller and swing those hips a little wider and get your flirt on, just because it’s Tuesday.

Phone a friend.

Why, oh why, do we torture ourselves in silence when we’re feeling stuck or sad? Put down the merlot, turn off Alanis Morissette, and pick up the damn phone. Call someone who will tell you how awesome you are and how great you’re doing, then will tell it to you straight. If after a few minutes you start breathing from a deeper place in your lungs, you’ve called the right person.

Date yourself.

Once a week, take yourself on a date. Make it everything a good date is – flirty, sexy, romantic, sweet and connected. Pamper your date (you). Be good to her. Compliment her on her fabulous choice of outfit. Think about how hot she looks, even if she would protest at the mention of it.