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In Greek lore, the phoenix is cyclically reborn from the fire, arising from the ashes of its predecessor.  It can represent a burning away of fears, limiting beliefs and destructive patterns, making way for new life, love and possibility.  Freedom.

Each year, I choose 5 ways to die…

5 Freedom Focuses that I believe will most expand my personal freedom, so I can live, love and give in a bigger way. Because each time you move into a new space, you have to get rid of some of your old junk. Expansion requires a letting go. A burning away. A death, of sorts.

Not everything you can carry, can carry you to the next level. {tweet}

Once I’ve selected my 5 Freedom Focuses, I specifically choose experiences that support this expansion while providing a ‘container’ of feeling safe, nurtured and held (even though I very often still feel scared).  Scared, yet safe.

This allows me to face big monsters if they show up and take in all of the pleasure that’s offered.  It’s a paradox: I have a deep desire for pleasure and play, and a willingness to walk into the fire and burn away all that’s ready to die.

In a safe space, you are free to be more vulnerable.  This invites what needs transforming to arise, while pleasure can be derived.

With that in mind, I chose my 5 ways to [die] fly this year:
1. Going pro with business structure, bookkeeping, accounting, and legal
2. A trip to Peru
3. Going “all in” in my relationship (which evolved to the decision to move to San Francisco)
4. Intensive coaching in the area of relationships and self-expression
5. Burning Man

They call me "Phoenix"

They call me “Phoenix”

Recently, I fulfilled on #5, spending a week in the Nevada desert with 68,000 strangers/friends-to-be.  My “playa name”?  Phoenix {she who is willing to walk through the flames in order to fly higher}.

For me, Burning Man presented an opportunity for me to be with 150 of my friends in a wonderful nest (lots of sisterhood, a cozy RV with private space, a shower or two, super healthy food, loving people, fantastic earplugs, fun costumes, and plenty of hugs) with plenty of opportunity for pleasure (free everything: massages, face painting, bacon, dance parties, ice cream, art exhibits, craft stations, tea parties), for the possibility of being confronted and cracked open (pervasive dust, noise all day and night, oppressive heat, freezing cold, party people, hours of driving and sitting in stand-still traffic, loneliness, getting lost and having no map, wanting things I have no way of getting other than *wishing*, wanting to leave with nearly no way out).

Safe space.
Room to play.
Beautifully confronting.
Burning away.

I was willing to walk into the fire and potentially burn, with the intention of being freed to fly higher.  And not just for me!  I wanted to bring that dust back, embedded with love and wisdom, so that I can live, love and give in a bigger way.

The world will be set free
by women who are free.

Today, I invite you to take a look into your life and ask yourself what the next expansion of your freedom might look like?  Consider an experience that might offer you a safe space with room to play, so you may be confronted enough to burn away what no longer serves.  Are you willing to walk into the fire?

—> In the comments below, share.  We’d love to hear where you’re flying to next.