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Wise Future Self


I have spent the past few weeks pouring over
Facebook posts,  emails, testimonials, requests and survey responses.
Learning about you. I want to know what you yearn for, what you crave, what you love and what you just can’t stand.  I want to know what freedom + success feel like to you. I want to know what seems to be in the way; where the gap is between you and what you want. You’ve shared so much, but one thing sticks out over and over again: Confidence.
So guess what?  We’re going to talk confidence.  The only problem is…

It’s difficult to discuss something that doesn’t exist. 

Confidence is a myth — at least in the way we conventionally define it.

I am yet to meet a “confident person” who feels great about themselves all the time. Confident people generally have the same self-doubt, insecurity and dark moments as the rest of us.

And while it’s very easy to relate a person’s confidence to their circumstances —  their physical appearance, fabulous boyfriend, great teeth and beautiful singing voice — I’m sure if you took a moment, you could think of someone you know who exudes confidence and does not have the “perfect” life.  If we look a little deeper, we see that it’s actually the other way around:

Confident people attract more good circumstances — more success — into their lives, rather than circumstances being the cause of confidence.

Great news, right?  This means that we can stop waiting for life to perfectly align,  so that we can finally have a hope of feeling good about ourselves, so that we can finally move forward.  It just doesn’t work that way.

So how can we become more confident?
Often, we work on our limiting beliefs — the beliefs that seem to keep us stuck and stagnant; the beliefs that remind us to feel badly about ourselves.  And often, it works!  But sometimes when I hear someone say, “I’m working on my limiting beliefs” or “I’m working to build my confidence”, what it actually means is that they’re waiting to take action until they feel confident.  The key to feeling confident in business and life is to look at your underlying beliefs and take action.

Because confidence is not about always feeling on-top-of-the-world, but is about being bold in spite of not always feeling on-top-of-the-world.>>TWEET IT<<
The primary difference between “confident” and “unconfident” people, is that confident people continually decide to keep going, regardless of circumstances.
They are willing to win.
And if you are playing a game that is about creating more happiness
and freedom for yourself and others, then please, we want you to win.
With that, I leave you with 2 questions today:
Are you willing to go through the feelings of discomfort to help more people live better lives…including you?
And, what would your confident self do? 

Would she wear a red dress?

Would she speak in public?

Would she make bold business moves?

Do it!  It will be scary — perhaps terrifying — but on the other side of the action is your confidence.  On the other side of confidence is your great life.
Keep shining your light in the world.
Our future depends on your freedom. 
Image by Darla Winn