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Since I find most marketing truly nauseating,
I’m really proud to share 2 great events for
entrepreneurs that I’m a part of this week.
Check ’em.


Sleaze-free Marketing

My friend Stella Orange and I have been
talking for months about the need for some
evolution in the online business-scape.
Less cheese & sleaze.
More authenticity & heart.

In this online event, Stella interviews
13 business owners to talk about this
evolution and what it means for all of us.

I’m really proud of this interview and I
absolutely adore Stella and her mission.
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Blow Your Mind Conference

One of my closest friends, Michael Ellsberg,
is running an INCREDIBLE live event this
weekend in NYC – November 9th-11th:
Blow Your Mind Conference (Rated R)

From Michael’s mouth:

I’m gathering the most brilliant, genius
business and marketing minds I know.

And we’re all going to have access to their
brains, their brilliance, and their genius.

I’ll be grilling each of them (no-holds barred)
for their best information in front of you, the
live audience, and then… you in the audience
will get a chance to ask your most burning
questions of these masters as well.

Who’s speaking?

Ramit Sethi
NYT bestselling author of I Will Teach You to Be Rich

Julia Allison
Star of the Bravo reality TV show “Miss Advised”

Noah Kagan
Founder of AppSumo; early marketing director for Mint

Amanda Steinberg
Founder of Daily Worth

Ryan Holiday
Director of Marketing for American Apparel

Yanik Silver
Creator of the Maverick 1000 millionaire networking club

Victor Cheng
Guest lecturer at the Harvard Business School

Bryan Franklin
One of Silicon Valley’s most successful executive coaches

Michael Fishman
One of the top experts on direct response marketing and copywriting

Ariana Hall
LA singer-songwriter; master expert on stage presence

Nisha Moodley
Creator of Fierce Fabulous & Free for women

James Altucher
Pioneer self-published author, blogger and social media personality

Jena la Flamme
Pleasurable weightloss expert

I’ll keep digging and digging, relentlessly, until I
get to their deepest, most hidden gold. Which I
promise you, will *not* be the same-old-same-old
you can get in their books, or for free online.

Sunday night, you’ll be invited to my special
networking after-party… and most of the speakers
will be there partying right along side you.

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