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Wise Future Self


Over the last few years, and increasingly in the past several months, I’ve noticed a clear trend:  Business as usual isn’t business as usual, and collectively, we’re being called to step into something greater.

I’ve been watching this show up in the form of failed launches that follow the same formulas people have used before, in the swift end of relationships that have been dragging on for far too long,  in the increase of people craving in-person connection, in the mass movement towards mindfulness (as Arianna Huffington said, “2013 is the year top CEOs came out of the closet…as meditators.”), and in the existential crises of those who can no longer seem to operate from even a shred of misalignment.

So many entrepreneurs and world-changers I’ve spoken with have witnessed this unfolding in themselves and in others.  Something is happening.

We’re being called to fully step into a new paradigm for working and living that embraces the values of collaboration, cooperation, connection, harmony, transparency, nurturance, inclusivity, and receiving – the values of the feminine.

There’s a reason why the old way of doing things isn’t working.
We’re wary of buying another program we won’t actually take.
We’re unwilling to drive ourselves into the ground for “success”.
We’re discovering that we can’t actually do it all ourselves.
We’ve realized that relationships are more valuable than money.
We’ve learned that hating our bodies won’t help us love them.
We know that if something doesn’t feel right, it’s not going to work.

Thank goodness.

So with these burgeoning new truths, we are collectively beginning to take a stand with life as our witness… for pleasure and play, for honoring our innate value and the wisdom of our bodies and emotions, for the values of peace and love and cooperation and inclusion.

If we say we want to create a world where our values are honored, then it starts with us, and it starts now. We’re officially “on the hook” for living the truth, and business as usual just won’t fly. {tweet}

Once we claim “I will be in integrity with what I deeply believe in my soul”, life will not allow us to live out of integrity. Why? Because we are the ones who are dreaming a new future into reality for our children.

We’re in a trust fall with life, and we’re being called to stand in Creative Faith.

Creative Faith is the deep trust with life, in knowing that we are held in a greater system of support, and it’s the active commitment to being creative in our pursuits.  This African proverb says it best: “When you pray, move your feet.”

How to Cultivate Creative Faith


It’s time to crack open any patterns of “I’m not worthy”. This is the critical work right now. This is the reclaiming of our intrinsic worth.

For us to have the world that we want, this reclaiming is not an option.

For our children to be free of deep conflict around their intrinsic value, innate self-worth and beauty, this reclaiming is not an option.

As long as we have our self-worth and value tied to accomplishment, we are operating from the old paradigm. This is the collective shift we’re being forced into right now. We are not being given the green light to “succeed” from the belief that we are less-than. Thank goodness, because if we were, we’d only be creating more of the same.

You would never look at a sick or starving child and say that they didn’t do enough to be worthy of food and care. Why would you believe it about yourself?


It’s time to stop believing that “This is how it’s done.”  

We need to think and act creatively, breaking off the shackles of outmoded structures and “rules”, in service of passion and progress.

We need to see ourselves as artists in the dance of life, and explore and create new ways of doing things, which infuses life into our work, and creates an infectious energy that draws the right people in.


It’s time to dissolve the illusion that “I need to do it all myself”.  It’s simply not true, and it’s getting us nowhere.

We need to stand up and ask for support, share what’s going on in our hearts and lives, and be truthful about where we’re struggling.

We need to risk bruised egos in service of open hearts, and model the strength of vulnerability for our children.

Support paves the path to true success.


I am not saying any of this is easy. We have very few models for this – that’s what makes it a reclaiming. But it’s clear that it’s time. Our world is falling apart with war and racism and the pillaging of the planet. Women are still being raped and mutilated in this very moment. Many people still loathe their bodies.

We have work to do, but it starts with the *deep within*, in cultivating our inner light so we can share it with the world. This starts with recognizing the light within – our innate worth and the capacity to discover new paths.  Then, asking for support as we walk along our path.  Finally and above all else, trust in ourselves and in life. We must trust – it’s time.

I am right here with you. We are standing together in this, sisters…

—> In the comments below, I would love to hear from you: Where do you need to stand more deeply in Creative Faith in your own heart and life, and what actions will you take to align with what you know to be true?