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Somewhere along the way, we made a collective decision that adults shouldn’t play; that it’s a waste of time and energy and there are better, more productive things to do. I’ve never understood this. Isn’t life here for us to enjoy? Is it not our birthright to play? Since we have the choice, why not choose to play amidst all the work?

When we see someone playing — being delighted with life — it’s an invitation to play, too. Our delight is not just for us, it’s for everyone.


1. Wiping down the counter in public restrooms.
2. Kissing passionately in public.
3. Turning the iPhone off for dinner…and turning it back on after breakfast.
4. Buying from or hiring my friends.
5. Peachy-red toenails.
6. Matte red lipstick.
7. Seeing people who have weathered a lot together and don’t look weather-worn.
8. Sitting by the fire, watching it snow outside.
9. A glass of chilled Sancerre before I meet my man for a date.
10. Watching my mom arrange flowers.
11. Watching my man eat oysters.
12. Watching my brother play with his dog.
13. Watching my dad eat crab.
14. Making my website feel like art.
15. Homemade popcorn with melted butter, dill, brewers yeast and sea salt.
16. Quality jersey knit sheets in ivory.
17. Homemade necklaces.
18. Looking down at new shoes.
19. Having a coach who “gets me”.
20. Reading in a hammock with my love, while picking strawberries out of the same container.
21. Dessert that’s so orgasmic, it doesn’t matter that it’s the size of your thumb.
22. San Francisco in the spring.
23. Montreal in the fall.
24. Taking women on retreats and watching them fall in love with one another.
25. Staycations.
26. Picturing what my children will look like.
27. Making soup in my Vitamix.
28. Watching a baby check out a dog.
29. Talking with my grandmothers at my altar.
30. Green juice that tastes green (but not too green).
31. Playing with my friends’ sons.
32. Taking hikes in Pacific Northwest forest.
33. Talking about love and life and travel with my little brother.
34. Dancing tango while waiting for our table at the restaurant.
35. Looking at people on the subway and imagining what they looked like as babies.
36. Sandalwood incense.
37. Vanilla hazelnut herbal tea with coconut milk.
38. Seeing a woman in a dress that looks like it’s made for her.
39. Cooking an elaborate dinner for my friends.
40. Planning my coming week on Sunday evening.
41. Road trips when there’s no timeline.
42. Just-out-of-the-dryer clothing.
43. Wearing a backpack.
44. Feathers in my hair.
45. Dreaming up emails that will inspire and provoke.
46. Watching movies in the bath.
47. Wearing hats.
48. The combination of feathers and sequins.
49. Walking into the room and seeing my man’s eyes widen as he takes me in.
50. Talking about life’s big things with my momma.
51. Writing poetry.
52. Watching a father play with his kids.
53. Opening mail from friends.
54. Traveling to new places with girlfriends.
55. Gold rings.
56. Cooking my family’s curry with cabbage.
57. Homemade coconut milk ice cream.
58. Hanging with my girls; doing anything or nothing.
59. Being on the beach when it’s quiet.
60. Breakfast.
61. Midday dance parties on the bed.
62. Wrapping my friends in blankets.
63. Sparkling rosรฉ.
64. Eating nasturtiums.
65. Watching bees pollinating flowers.
67. Artichokes with garlic butter.
68. Listening to little girls tell stories.
69. This American Life (I have a crush on Ira Glass).
70. Jewelry made with crystals.

Today, write a list of all the things that delight you!

In the comments below, share some of your favorites, and what this exercise has opened up for you.