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You may have heard me mention that in the last few years I had to face something that broke my world apart:

I know this sounds cliche, but I never thought I would ever get a divorce. It was absolutely heartbreaking, embarrassing and scary.

There were days that I didn’t want to get out of bed, didn’t know how I’d really show up for my clients, and could not wrap my brain around actually building my business. I was so sad.

In the past, I would have kept it in or complained to my friends, getting my “strength” from having them tell me I did the right thing.

This time, I did something I’d never done before:
I got coached.

I went to two women, specifically, who helped me rewire my brain around love and look at what was really keeping me from having what I wanted. They midwifed me with care through the most difficult time in my life…

One of those women is LiYana Silver, and I will share more from her in the coming months. (Li, will you write a guest blog post sometime?)

The other is Kavita J. Patel. Kavita is one of my best friends and is pioneering a completely new way of looking at relationships.

The result?
I fell in love.

But here’s the truly amazing part:
I am the me I want to be.

:: I am more calm.
:: I am more connected with purpose.
:: I am happier.
:: I am a better coach.
:: My whole life feels smoother.

Why? Because when your love life is messy, it takes ALL your energy. I was drained.

My ex-husband is an amazing person and I am so grateful for our journey, but when we were struggling…we were both really struggling.

If you are struggling to find the love you want in your life, I suggest finding support.

Kavita has released a new video and I am so excited to share with with you, because her work is INCREDIBLE and has impacted me directly. In just 3 minutes, Kavita reveals the real root of how you may be subconsciously blocking love.

I would honestly, truly, never recommend ANYTHING that I didn’t stand behind, and I absolutely believe in the amazing work that she’s doing. Watch the video HERE