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This is a deep, 6 month journey in coming home to yourself, embracing your deepest gifts and fully-expressed self, and offering your unique medicine to our world in a way that aligns with your values, body, relationships, and rhythms.

Together, we’ll dive deep to meet the soul of your work, then explore and unwind what’s kept you from fully embracing your path and embodying your leadership.

We’ll go deep and wide, and weave in plenty of ritual and practice, so our clarity is rooted.

The Flow

We’ll open with a 90 minute Welcome Session, to create intentions for our work together, give thanks to your supporters (in body and spirit), and make an offering to the soul of your work. Nisha will build a personalized altar to guide your work together.

We’ll deepen with a 1 day in-person Unique Medicine Retreat (which can also be split into two 3.5 hour zoom sessions). In this retreat, we will make sure that the details of your work are in alignment with what you’re here to bring forth.

For the following 5 months, we will have two 1-hour sessions per month, to bring clarity, focus, growth, and wellbeing.

Depending on your needs, during our time together we may:

› Identify and honor your unique magic, so we can weave your artistry through your work

› Integrate the parts of you that are missing from your work 

› Explore and unwind any worries, fears, and attachments that are preventing flow 

› Explore your ideal business model, based on your vision for your life and work 

› Craft your core message, tagline & program names 

› Review and rework your website copy 

› Design (or re-design) unique offerings that you’ll love to deliver 

› Map it all out on a 12-month calendar 

› Restructure your schedule so it flows with your true pace

Investment: $8000 | Payment options: one payment of $8000 or 6 payments of $1450

Includes access to Soul of Leadership

Is it worth it?

“My business and my life were transformed by our work together. I was confused and unclear about my message so we immediately got to work on figuring that out. Then we created my signature program Fix Your Period, which has been a huge success.

Nisha is kickass! She’s incredibly creative and gives you a plan of action. Today I am so confident in my business and the direction it is going in, and I owe it all to my work with Nisha.”

Nicole Jardim | Women’s Hormonal Health Coach

“Before I worked with Nisha, my business had success but I did not have absolute clarity. Nisha was able to bring out my deepest purpose and it was on that day, our VIP day, that everything changed. I embraced power and pulled that power fully into my personal and business life. I have seen massive shifts in my perception and those shifts have bled into my life, my business, my spiritual life and has brought some more laughter back into my world. I have been asked to teach at Hippocrates Institute and felt no fear and this is how I feel everyday; I am not scared anymore of challenges. Instead, I invite challenges into my life for expansion and growth. I would like to tell Nisha this, ” You helped me to put the wings back on and allowed me to see how full my life was and is. You helped me to see my vision and step into massive action with grace, beauty, ease and fun instead of exhaustion. I love you my sister. “

Rachel Feldman | Health Coach  + Detox Specialist

“I decided to give myself the gift of working privately with Nisha over the summer as I was drawn to her honesty and professionalism of her business… Nisha was able to laser in immediately to the core of my message and my market and give me the structure I had been craving to ensure my business wasn’t going to take over my life. The feeling of clarity was such a relief and it took away a huge amount of overwhelm. Thank you so much Nisha, you are such a light!”

Jennie Harland-Khan – Founder of Irresistible Women

To Apply – Check your inbox and hit reply to and answer these 4 questions:

  1. Give us an overview of your life and business right now.  What are you loving?  What is a challenge or struggle for you right now?
  2. Tell us the bigger vision – what do you want to create?
  3. What, specifically, are you looking for support around right now?
  4. What additional physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or lifestyle patterns you would like to see improve?

Any questions?

Send your Q’s to [email protected] and Dawna will be in touch within 2 business days.

Whether we work together in this way or not, I look forward to staying in sisterhood with you.


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