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Wise Future Self


What I’m about to tell you is the #1 thing I’ve learned in the last 2 years….
There was never anything in my way.

For years, I was waiting to make more dolla’ billz so

+ I could finally TRAVEL
+ have more time for important people and experiences
+ invest in my biz
+ have more energy for self care and play
+ have the life I really want

And it never freaking came. The money or the other good stuff.

So I thought…

“What the eff is wrong with me?!”
“Why can’t I figure this out”
“I suck!”

I thought the [lack of] ca$h was in the way.
I thought the [lack of] time was in the way.
I thought the [overabundance of] stress was in the way.

Guess what?!

I was in the way.

I was the block in the dam of my life.
And when I decided to get out of my
own way, the floodgates opened and
the goodness flowed.

Here’s how to end the “I suck’s” + get outta your own freaking way so you can get

Trust. Deeply.

You, my dear, are one powerful woman. You do not have to do everything + be everything + handle everything to be fabulous and deserving and for things to get done. Loosen up the tight grip of control and trust yourself…all of the important things will get handled (they always do!). This week, commit to erasing one thing off the To Do list each morning. Delete it. Scratch it. Free yourself from Superwoman Syndrome and focus on what’s truly important.

Be generous.

Assume things will take longer than planned for. Assume you will want to spend an hour in the sun. Assume that bubble baths are necessary. Stop being so damn stingy with yourself and give yourself some space already! By being generous with yourself, you open up the channels for abundance to flow in. What can you GIVE yourself today? Now do it. Seriously.

Tell the truth.

Okay, I’m not your Mommy. What I’m talking about is being honest with yourself about the biggest thing in your life that is not working. Is it your relationship? Your finances? Now go and tell someone about it. The ‘sticking point’ is always where we stash shame. When we’re honest with ourselves, then go get support, we set ourselves up for REAL progress. How will you ‘out’ yourself today?

Live as if…

Once I realized that I was the sandbag in the river of my own dreams, I decided that – come hell or high water – I’d live as if I already had the life of my dreams. That meant: hiring a coach (even though I was SURE I couldn’t afford it), transitioning to phone coaching, scheduling travel and creating programs that sang to my heart. And in a brilliant feat of manifestation magic, the Universe co-conspired…And the rest is history.

What have you been waiting for? How will you trust + be bold + make magic?