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Any chance that you’ve discovered that it’s not the easiest thing to manage both a passionate, purpose-driven business and a passionate love life?  I have SO been here:

  • We crave love, romance, and an incredible connection with a partner, but feel our business needs us 24/7.
  • We are exhausted from working ourselves into the ground and still not seeing the results we want in our business, while our love life falls apart in the process.
  • We find ourselves fantasizing about starting a family, but question if we could be both a successful entrepreneur and a great mom.

For passionate, driven women like us, conventional standards of happiness often don’t apply. We want more than just a “comfortable” life – we want incredible success, living our purpose and wildly romantic love with our soul’s mate.

This is why I’m thrilled about this:
Over the course of seven days, January 23rd – 31st, you’ll find out exactly how in an awesome no-cost online event


Outrageous Love + Money

My soul sister + fave no-nonsense, intuitive relationship expert, Kavita J Patel, has asked me to be a part of this groundbreaking NO COST event, where I, along with 18 of the top relationship and business mavens, will be revealing our secrets to having it all: both a thriving business and a passionate love life to support us in the pursuit of our dreams.
In addition to Moi, join:
* Arielle Ford (bestselling author of THE SOULMATE SECRET)
* Carol Allen (Vedic astrologist + love expert)
* Danielle LaPorte (my newest friend + biz FireStarter)
* Monica Shah (my former biz coach + money expert)
* LiYana Silver (my relationship guru + master coach)
…and many more in this insightful, practical, and fun training that tackles the issues that purpose-driven women like us are facing today.

Click HERE to reserve your spot now
You’ll learn insider techniques, tools, and incredible mindset shifts which these experts used to create their own wildly successful businesses AND fulfilling, sexy love lives!

p.s. This is your chance to peek “behind the curtain” with me and hear personal strategies I’ve used to manage my biz and my relationships… You will also hear what I’ve tried that hasn’t worked so well (yikes!)