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We sat in a circle, hands on hearts, breathing deeply, while the skies opened up around us.  Flashes of lightening and thunderous claps seemed an arm’s length away, and we imagined that they were responding to our words – a symphony of Yes.

One by one, as our deep truths arose, the women in the circle spoke.  Our hearts poured out through clear, open-hearted and unwavering voices…

“I stand in the the truth that I am an artist.”
“I am done overworking and avoiding.”
“I release the illusion that I control anything.”
“I release the story that my mom didn’t love me.”
“I am done with pretending that my voice doesn’t matter.”

Then, with the leadership of my dear sister and mentor, Elayne Kalila, we made sure that each woman in the circle (myself included) was ready – truly ready – to claim what she was now claiming and live this truth in her life.

How often do we have “aha moments”, and say yes to something that – deep down – we don’t really mean?

We write brave new declarations in our journals, choose a new affirmation to stick on the bathroom mirror, promise to “start on Monday”, and post cutesie quotes on Instagram… then, we go right back the way we were.

We want it, but we’re fearful of what it takes.
We understand it, but we’re not prepared to live it.
We like the idea, but lack the trust to surrender.

That day in circle, we weren’t going to play such games.

So one by one, each woman had the opportunity to connect with her own truth – in a space of non-judgment – about whether or not she was willing to have life hold her in integrity with what she was saying. Was she willing to live in alignment with her truth?

When you’ve declared your truth, be willing to truly live it, and the truth will set you free.  {tweet it}

…And sometimes, getting there will hurt.

When you’re committed to growing and living in alignment with your truth, life will tango you towards the light. But this dance into radiance doesn’t move in a straight line.

When “good things” happen, we assume we’re on track. When “bad things” happen, we may fail to see that this is all part of the process…

Sudden illness may be your body purging the “issues in your tissues”.
The end of a relationship may be the door that needed to close to welcome the new.
A foggy mind may be the step off the hamster wheel you need, in order to find clarity.
A stalling project may be the gift of realignment, in disguise.

Pain isn’t bad; it’s part of being a human. Suffering, however, is a story wrapped around pain, and that’s something we can prevent by simply being present with the pain. In this way, pain shows up as a gift, a teacher, and a way-shower. It doesn’t always mean we’re moving the wrong way. Sometimes it’s dancing us into alignment.


1. Tell the truth
What is your heart truly, deeply ready to embrace or let go of?  Are you willing to discover what it takes?

2. Make a choice
Right here, right now, what action will you take in alignment with what you’re stepping into?

3. Let it be
The pleasure and the pain are here to show the way.   Allow them to be here – feel them – without the stories.

4. Stretch up
Like a tender shoot reaching for the sun, lean in the direction of your desires.  Invite the light.

5. Get checked
Have your trusted friends and mentors support you in staying connected to where you’re headed.

6. Trust
A tighter grip doesn’t guarantee success.  Your prayers have been heard, love.  Just keep moving…

Life has your back.
Keep listening to your heart.
Embrace alignment.

—> In the comments below, I’d love to hear from you: What are you truly ready to complete in your life or to claim for yourself? (It’s okay to only be ready to be ready). Are you willing for life to show up to initiate you into this new reality?