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For the past several days I’ve been on a mastermind retreat in New Mexico with some of the most successful women I know.  These women run million dollar businesses, have multiple projects on the go, and are authors, coaches, consultants, yoga teachers, product developers, mothers, wives, daughters, and best friends.  We wear many hats and hold much for many.

Without a doubt, these are powerful women.  And I don’t mean “powerful” in the sense of power-hungry; these women are mission-driven.  They have huge hearts, a desire to serve, and an inner resolve that fuels their ability to inspire people and move mountains.

Sitting in circle, we’ve shared our innermost dreams.  New ways of doing business, paradigm-shifting missions, Oprah-level impact, deeper confidence, babies, books, and a break from the hustle.

Sitting in circle, we’ve shared our innermost vulnerabilities.  Broken hearts, investments that fell through, clients that need to be fired, crises of purpose, health challenges, built up anxiety and game-changing intuitions.

Nothing is off limits because everything is connected.

We could keep it “on topic”, keep it light, never venturing from the shallow end of the pool.
We could focus on straightforward strategies, actions steps and accountability.
But here’s the thing…

…It’s not “straightforward”, it’s an unfolding journey.
…Action is necessary, but it must be in service of truth.
…Accountability is only valid when it’s aligned with what’s real.

Instead, we’ve let it all hang out, because it’s all here.  It’s all relevant.  It’s all real.  It’s all truth.  It’s all part of the journey.  And there’s nothing – truly – to be ashamed of.

As I sat with these brilliant and powerful women, I was struck with the simple truth:
That each of our souls is on their own journey, and that journey doesn’t just get easy and stay easy.  Instead, it’s a journey into the heart of the truth of who we are and what we’re here for.  Every day, we must find the courage and resolve to deepen into that truth, surrender to our calling, and align our actions with our souls.

Every human being is on their own unique soul’s journey.

The trick is to see it, be devoted to it, and to really, truly surrender to it.  And while I can say all of that in one tidy sentence, it’s no easy feat.  This is a day-to-day, moment-to-moment devotion to being fully awake and fully alive in everything we do.  It’s a devotion to a future that’s certainly uncertain and without promise of anything other than living close to the truth.

Without a doubt, sometimes being on your soul’s journey feels like walking uphill, in the snow.

But when you realize that there’s no simple strategy or straightforward path, you can actually relax and discover your own path.  And when you relax, your journey can feel less like a struggle and more like a dance.

The thing that’s saved us from misery and wrong-turns and half-truths, time and again, is having one another.  When you have a community of smart, loving, supportive women who truly have your back, absolutely anything is possible.

And that doesn’t mean that life gets perfect!  It means that we learn to dance.  Side-by-side.  Honestly.  Together. Your soul knows what she needs. All you have to do is listen.



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