Embrace your fullest self
Offer your deepest gifts

Thank You

I truly believe that our world needs each of our unique leadership, in service of our more beautiful future. I’m excited to share LEAD with you.
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Enrollment is open for

Soul of Leadership!

This incredible 1-year course & community is especially for women who feel the strong call to expand your leadership, and feel more courageous, connected, devoted, and aligned.

I’m over-the-moon to personally invite you to join this incredible community. It is abundantly clear to me that the world so dearly needs our resilience, our courage, our tenacity, our tenderness…and our wellbeing.

My prayer is that we each find our more regenerative ways to lead in these critical times. And for those who feel called, truly, it would be such an honor to have this opportunity to work with you over the next year.

This is our 8th time opening the doors for Soul of Leadership over the past 5 years, and we’re loving our 12-month format. It’s deeply nourishing, spacious, and easy to integrate into a full life, and truly a group of folks to come home to.