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Wise Future Self


Last year, on a journey to Peru, I had a vision in a meditation:

I saw myself in Sedona, joined by my friend KC Baker {founder of the Women’s Thought Leadership Society}, while she officiated a marriage ceremony…to myself.  In my meditation, I saw the ring, heard the vows, and felt the breeze on my cheeks.  I instantly recoiled: “Um, no. I’m not going to MARRY MYSELF.  That’s so ridiculous, so crazy, so… What would people think? Who do I think I am?!”

And yet, the vision was as clear as any memory I’ve ever had.

I let down the walls of resistance and allowed myself to simply rest with the vision.  In a short time, I was moved to tears with the beauty of it: to commit to be with myself for the rest of my life, to commit to being present with myself and my heart, to commit to showing up in devotion to my mission, and to commit to taking care of myself in this lifetime.  The beauty of it was breathtaking.  In that moment, I not only wanted it for me, I wanted it for every woman.

On a recent visit to Sedona to see KC and her family, this vision became a reality – she led me in a commitment ceremony to myself and my life’s work.  Here are some pics of us:


In the short time since this ceremony, I’ve felt myself standing up and speaking up more powerfully, and from a more grounded place in my being.

My friends have shared that they feel me in a deeper embodiment of my power, and more devoted to my big vision for the world.  I feel more confident, calm and focused.  It’s been game-changing.

This past week, I gathered to mastermind (and laugh, cry and play) with a group of girlfriends, and we took it to the next level, committing to support one another in our missions in the world.  We committed to not only show up and shine, but also to support one another in stepping into the next level of leadership, both within our circle and beyond.  Here we are, celebrating over dinner (pictured: Jena LaFlamme, Jennifer Russell, LiYana Silver, Stacey Morgenstern, Wendy Yalom, Ali Shanti, and KC Baker (who was with us in spirit!)

women dinner


—> Let me know in the comments how you’re committing yourself more deeply this week to your heart, your art, and your message.