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Last weekend, Sarah gathered some girlfriends together for a gorgeous brunch, to celebrate my big move to San Francisco…thank you, Sarah! I love you!

As we sat around the table, laughing and talking, I took a moment of quiet reflection…  It had been just 7 weeks since I made the decision to move to my favorite city, and there I was — a full-fledged resident!  Looking across the table at Sarah, pregnant and radiant, I remembered a conversation we had on a road trip last year where she said “I think we’re going to wait a few years”, and there she was — sporting a tiny baby bump and a giant smile!

Sarah and I often have women say to us, “It’s wonderful that you have these leisurely lives, but don’t you sometimes have to hustle?  What about getting s#it done?”  The answer is: Yes!  Of course we hustle at times (and we get a LOT done)…life would be super boring if all we did was lie around reading magazines, with no ambitions.

What we both believe in, though, is honoring the rhythm that feels most natural and expansive to us.  We give ourselves plenty of space to play and dream, then — when a moment of clarity (or pregnancy, in Sarah’s case!) hits us and we make a decision — we waste no time making s#it happen.

Hustling isn’t a way of life any more than lounging is — they are both valuable aspects of our lives, and each has its own sacred space to unfold. {tweet it}

When Sarah found out she was pregnant, she sprung into action, getting her announcement photos done, zig-zagging across the country to visit both her and Jonathan’s parents to tell them in person, getting Live More Weigh Less Mastery ready for an early launch and planning their Parisian babymoon.

When I realized it was time to move to San Francisco, I hustled quickly, booking my movers within 48 hours, giving my notice on my NY apartment, looking at 23 apartments in San Francisco until I found the perfect one, and spending time with my friends NYC.

Because we respect both hustle time and leisure time, we can fully appreciate and inhabit the space we’re in.  When we hustle, we don’t freak out and get overwhelmed, because we know it’s temporary.  When we lounge, we don’t freak out that nothing is getting done, because we know it’s temporary.  So vacillating between these spaces can be fun and pleasurable.

If your gut is saying “go”, what are you waiting for, sister?  When your intuition speaks, spring into action.  She’s talking to you.


Nisha (and Sarah)