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Wise Future Self


For years, I “pushed through” life…
I pushed through big projects.
I pushed through my to-do list.
I pushed through resistance.
I pushed through exhaustion.

I pushed through because I wanted my work to make a difference in the world, and I wanted to have a beautiful life for myself one day.  I knew that there was no way I’d get there without a lot of heart and a lot of hustle. So I hustled…all. the. time.

The problem was that all that pushing through was killing me…
It killed my marriage.
It killed my adrenals.
It killed my libido.
It killed my passion for my work.

I knew that there had to be a way to have a strong business and a fabulous life, and not just in the future. I knew that, in truth, my “someday” mindset was the real problem.

I realized that I couldn’t create the results I wanted in my life or work if I kept pushing through. And even though I had always told myself that I just needed to work harder, I secretly knew that wasn’t the answer. I was a hard worker. I knew that I needed to devote myself to having a life today, because my life was passing me by.

If you’re rolling your eyes right now, thinking, “Sure, Nisha. Just grab a cup of tea and watch the money roll in”…that’s not what I’m not talking about. Building and growing a business takes a LOT of work, and sometimes that work is hard as hell. It’s an intense journey, and you have to be willing to hustle. But…at all costs?

Chronic pushing through (like, it’s just how you live) is completely unsustainable. The more you push through your work and put off your play, the worse your habits are. And chronic bad habits make life pretty unhealthy.

So I made “someday” today, and started working smarter and enjoying life more.

In less than 1 year…
My business doubled in growth, and I started traveling, developing meaningful relationships, and felt more sexy and alive than ever.

My business has doubled in growth every year since, and I travel all over the world doing work I absolutely love. I spend time with my girlfriends and have excellent self-care. My life isn’t perfect, but it’s beautiful. My life is definitely NOT passing me by.

Sometimes, it’s not about working harder.

It’s about creating a fabulous life today and trusting that when you let go of doing everything, you end up doing the right things.

—> In the comments below, share what you’re ready to STOP pushing through, and what you truly desire for your life and work.