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Recently, as I was heading out the door to visit my friend Sarah and her new baby, I called to see if I could bring anything by. “If you can, I’d love some fresh flowers”, she said. I happily obliged, and was soon at her house, arranging the flowers in a vase while she held the baby. Looking around at her well-cared for living room, I asked if it was hard to keep the house up with a new addition. “Yeah, we have a lot of new baby gear and I’m pretty busy and exhausted”, she said, “but I make the effort because I know I’ll feel better if I keep it feeling relatively fresh and beautiful.”

It dawned on me in that moment that many of us don’t think of taking care of our home as an act of self-care. We may eat well, exercise and get enough sleep, but if our home doesn’t feel beautiful, it can leave us feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

When we think of our home as a sanctuary — a place to rest and retreat from the busyness of life — we naturally look for ways to infuse more beauty into our space. A more beautiful space will soothe us and energize us, leaving us feeling more peaceful, joyful and focused. When you envision taking care of your home as an act of self-love, it serves as an outward reflection of how you’re valuing yourself.

Interestingly, as Barbara Stanny highlights in this article about overcoming underearning, a key distinction of high-earning women is that they wanted to be well compensated because “they felt they were worth it.”

Bolstering our sense of self-worth is not only good for our confidence and sense of happiness, but also has a direct impact on our bottom line. Fortunately, making your home a place that allows you to feel more focused and relaxed doesn’t necessarily require expensive remodeling or a fancy new paint job.


1. Walk outside, and enter back through your front door and pay attention to your first thoughts and feelings. Notice how you feel when you look around.
2. In 10 minutes or less, put 10 things you don’t absolutely love in a bag, and put it by the door to be donated.
3. Swap out uncomfortable or unattractive bedding for soft, beautiful bedding.
4. Buy yourself fresh flowers each week, putting small vases throughout the house.
5. Move all clutter to a central pile and carve out time this week to sort through it.
6. Dim your lights in the evening and add candles to soften the mood.
7. Make your bed each morning.
8. Cover outdated cushions in beautiful new cases, or buy new throw cushions.
9. Hire a housekeeper to come once each week (it may cost less than you think!)
10. Get rid of chipped mugs and gift yourself with a new one from a home store.
11. Create a work station for yourself and contain work to that space.
12. Collect inspirational images from home decor magazines and online.
13. Head to a local thrift store, flea market or antique store and find one or two unique items that fit the aesthetic you’re creating.
14. Have a trusted friend over to help you get rid of old clothes and shoes.
15. Take 10 minutes before bed each night to tidy up for the morning.

What are your favorite ways to turn your home into a sanctuary?  Share them in the comments below and let’s inspire one another to own our worth today.