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Artwork by Android Jones

Artwork by Android Jones

I’ve been feeling the nudge to write for a few days, but as I sit here – even with that flame of inspiration within me – I am at a bit of a loss for words.

Emotions are high in the US, since Tuesday’s election.  Regardless of where people stand, politically, there is undoubtedly a lot of intensity here.  And while it’s unfolding on US soil, I feel it’s representative of much of the polarization we’re seeing in the world.  My Facebook feed is full of sadness, anger, hope, hurt, clarity, disgust…and a whole lotta advice.

It’s clear to me that when people are feeling intense emotions, step one is generally NOT to start doling out advice.  Because we need to feel first, and take the time and space we need for that.  I don’t find the advice that “you have 24 hours to be sad” to be helpful.  You can feel whatever you need to feel, for as long as its here.  Period.  And the less restriction we place on allowing emotion to flow, the more space it has to move.

What I do find helpful are perspectives.

I often think of perspectives like lanterns.  They provide illumination that we can hold, as we navigate through dense emotions.  Something to help lift us from our smaller stories.  Here is my current perspective…

The Initiation:

Our issues of safety, security, support, and sufficiency are right up in our faces.  If you’re into the chakra system, look to the root.  We’re in the collective conversation of building walls, protecting (or limiting) gun rights, un-friending, gathering, deportation, immigration, racism, sexism, every kind of ism…

As I see it, it’s a call to look within at our own issues of safety, security, support, and sufficiency.  Where do we still hold patterns and stories of division, of scarcity, of fear of speaking our truth, of not-enoughness?  Where do we cling or push away, out of fear?

These are complex inquiries.  This is a complex initiation.  I do believe that we’re up for it.

The Invitation:

I also see this as a powerful call to both get clear on what we see as our personal vision for humanity – what we stand for in the world – and STAND FOR IT.  Side-by-side with one another.  In solidarity.  With love.  With fervor.  With action.

If no one is here to save us, then it must be that we are here to stand together, gather together, work together for the world we are co-envisioning.  This is something that most minorities have understood for a long time, and now we’re all getting the memo.

It’s time to step up and recognize ourselves and one another as the Sovereign Queens that we are, in service to the world.  We have a deep divide to heal. No one is here to save us.

To bridge the chasm, our vision and voices and action are needed more than ever.  Earnestly and imperfectly.  It could be so easy to climb into hiding, to assume that our voices won’t make a difference or even cause problems, but it’s time to dig deep and have courage.

These are complex challenges.  This is a complex invitation.  I do believe that we’re up for it.


I was planning on sending the below on Wednesday, but it didn’t feel like the right time.  Then Thursday, but still not the right time.  Today feels like the right time.  It’s an invitation for you to connect with me, if you so desire…

I have been spending the last few weeks speaking to women about joining 2017 Freedom Mastermind.  Many women filled out applications, and many more told us that they either didn’t have the time or were hoping to connect with me directly before taking the time.  I’ve realized that as times change, approaches need to change.  I need to adapt.

So if you’ve been curious about the mastermind (and yes, we have flexibility with payment plans for those who have asked), I would love to speak with you.  Here’s a link directly to my calendar.

Through these connections, here is what I’m noticing about shifts in leadership we’re being called into.  It also represents the spirit in which this community is coming together:

While we hold our individual visions for humanity, we are being called to stand with and for one another in those visions, seeing each and every person for their humanity and divinity, in their innate brilliance.

We are being called to stop waiting for the gatekeepers to let us in, for permission from outside of ourselves to stand and speak.

We are being called to look beyond what we want for our own lives, to act in service of the collective, while including ourselves and wellbeing.

Soul + Strategy:
Rather than seeing being true to our soul and being strategic as mutually exclusive, we’re called to align strategy in service to our soul’s path.

Here’s a link to my calendar again, in case you want to explore.  I promise to show up to these calls with my attention on discovering what’s most supportive of you — not just sell you on the mastermind.  Please feel free to reply if you have any questions.


Take care, be well.  Sending love to you all,