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I have a running joke with some of my girlfriends that every two years, I have an entrepreneurial existential crisis. It sounds something like, “What am I really here for?” “Is my messaging really…real?” “Am I serving in the way I’m truly here to serve?”

I’ve come to see these times as beautiful deep-dives into Truth. I sit quietly in my soul, receive guidance from trusted mentors, and call on my best bullshit-detecting friends to listen for what’s emerging. And every time, I remember that….

The angst of questioning is worth it for the clarity of alignment. {tweet}

What I discover each time is that I land on an adjusted expression of the same core truth: My Unique Magic is to see and reflect the Unique Magic in others – their innate essence, inborn gifts, natural passions, dreams and desires – then to help them craft their lives and businesses to align who they are with what they desire for themselves and the world.  In other words, I help people see themselves and from there, we create everything.

Sometimes the thing that’s hardest for us to see in ourselves is the very thing we’re gifted at recognizing in others.

For me, seeing myself and my gifts fully, wholly, truly, has always been one of my greatest challenges. But seeing you? Oh, I see you, beautiful.  And my greatest pleasure is helping you see you, too.

I recently had the opportunity to play one-on-one with a few women, supporting them in uncovering their Unique Magic.  One is a new mama who is creating her business from the ground up, and realized that the only way it was going to feel right for her was if she could truly zero-in on her gifts, craft her messaging and offerings, and design her business to support her desire to spend plenty of time with her son.  The other has been running her business successfully for years, and has been yearning to uncover the next iteration – one that truly feels like it honors all of her desires and all of who she is, with new messaging, new offerings, and a whole new brand.

Uncovering your Unique Magic is like calling back part of yourself.  It’s as if you’ve finally returned home after being away for a long time.

It’s been years since I’ve offered one-on-one coaching that wasn’t in-person or part of my 9 month mastermind.

Inspired to support a few committed women who are ready to see a clearer picture, I’ve decided to open up just 6 spaces to work with me one-on-one by phone, so you don’t have to travel.

–> In the comments below, share with me the unique ways YOU craft your life and business to align who you are – your innate essence, inborn gifts, natural passions, dreams and desires – with what you desire for yourself and the world.  In other words, uncover your own Unique Magic.