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When you’re a woman with big dreams and big ambition, you wake up each day knowing that you have a choice. You know you can choose how to move through your day, how to interact with others, how to behave.

But where we seem to have no choice is with our feelings, and how we feel can impact everything: our productivity, relationships, confidence and communication.

It can be frustrating confusing to have your feelings at odds with your plans. Adding to the challenge of your own frustration, we live in a world that says some feelings are “bad”.


The truth is, we live in a world that’s afraid to feel, and as a result, we live in a world that’s at odds with women, because women are designed to feel a lot. No wonder so many of us have challenges with having deep friendships, meaningful partnerships, and feeling self-love — we live in a world that says we’re built wrong, so we walk through life trying to hide our true feelings.

As women, we have 2 choices: feel or go numb. When you’re numb, your relationships are shallow and your ambitions lack deep meaning. You can cross things off your To Do list, but when you’re not working, you’ll reach to every possible distraction you can (food, television, gossip and alcohol) to keep the feelings at bay. When you’re numb, you’re alive, but not living.

So how do we get things done, without going numb? Feel.

When we’re willing to feel the feelings, they pass, and often more quickly than we think. When we allow the feelings to be fully felt, they move through us, leaving imprints of inspiration for us to bring into our actions.

Because I believe that sisterhood is the best space to support a woman’s freedom, I share this ode to women, from my heart to yours. Next time you’re feeling something big, share it with a girlfriend. It’s time we take a stand for our sisters.
May you feel.

I am a woman.

I love deeply and feel a lot. Sometimes I feel several emotions that seem to be at odds, all at the same time. Sometimes they come in waves, one clearing the path for the next to roll in. I am learning to feel love, for others and for myself, when I am feeling hurt or angry. I am even learning to love the hurt and anger.

I keep learning how to hurt and love, and love hurt, to heal the planet. Yes, I feel to heal the planet…because I want a world where people know that they are loved for being and that they can create anything they want. And to give that, I have to be that. I’m willing to walk through the fire to learn, even though sometimes it appears to be lonelier and more challenging than watching crappy television and staying at a job you hate, saving the enjoyment of life for the weekends. Yes, that life seems more simple, but I can’t go back. Instead, I’m willing to walk through this fire sometimes, to experience being alive all the time, so I can give the gift of life.

I am a woman. Don’t try to understand me too much, because as soon as you think you understand, I’ve already become new again. Instead, feel me. I am an ocean, and I know an ocean is a lot to feel, but when you swim in my waters you will see that life is rich here, and that feelings aren’t so scary after all.

Join the conversation. In the comments below, share with some sisters: how are you allowing yourself to feel today?