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Last week, I woke up and did my morning routine of late. It’s not remotely exciting, I’m not exactly proud, but it is what it is:
> pee
> drink water
> stretch
> check email.

Yes, I know, saying “pee” is gross. And yes, I know, you’re not supposed to check email first thing in the morning. I’ve said it myself, but even I get lazy sometimes.

Okay, back to the story…

On this particular morning, I was about to go through the normal routine:
> toss the junk email first
> move on to the important stuff

Then I realized something. Processing those “junk” emails takes energy. It’s not much, but it’s something. And that energy is mine.

Why do I continuously allow this?

So I went through all 30+ emails that I would normally toss and made a decision about each one. Would I stay on the mailing list or would I unsubscribe?

I unsubscribed from 25 mailing lists that day.
> I got rid of the printer cartridge promotions
> I ditched the discount to a restaurant I’ve never tried
> I said goodbye to the messages I’m not vibing with

I decided to keep the people around whose emails I want to read, even if I don’t always do it.  It’ll be much easier without an inbox full of junk.

I used to give a really shitty piece of advice: “Subscribe to every list you can; study the emails. Learn.” Ugh. Sorry about that.

My new advice is this: Find the people who resonate with you; the people who make you think differently, who inspire you and make you get off your ass and move. If you like what they’re saying and you look forward to seeing their name in your inbox, then allow them to remain welcome there. If not, bow out graciously.

As creators, we need to preserve our energy.

Junk piles, junk food, junk emails… We need to clean up and look at how we invite it in in the first place.

> Do you get flyers on your doorstep? Find out who delivers them and request that they stop. Where I live, there’s a phone number right on bag the flyers come in. Done.

> Do you collect freebies at events? Do you even like that stuff or did you just take it because it was free? Stop bringing garbage home with you.

> Do you buy crap at the grocery store, only to feel extra crappy for eating it? Stop buying it. Buy yourself flowers and a nice new tea instead.

> Do you get a bunch of junk emails every day, ranging from the latest daily discount site to the place you ordered business cards from that one time, to the person in your field that you wanted to “check out”? Do you look forward to getting them? If not, unsubscribe.

Declutter your inbox, closets, body and mind.

Make space for your creativity and voice to blossom.

Invite in the messages that inspire and enrich you.

Preserve your energy. Unsubscribe.

By the way, I totally understand that I may be setting myself up for people unsubscribing. I’m okay with that. We’re all grown-ups who can make smart decisions for ourselves. If your time here is done, thank you for joining me on the journey this far.

If you’re sticking around, thanks. Really, Thanks. I write for you.

I promise not to send you junk.