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Have you ever seen one of those Women vs. Girls memes?

Girls compete with each other; women empower one another.”
“Girls are insecure; women are confident.”
“Girls want attention; women want respect.”
Girls make excuses; women prefer honesty.”

I’ve also seen plenty of “Women vs. Girls” articles:

“10 Ways to Know You’re Dating a Girl, Not a Woman”
etc, etc

I understand that by sharing these things, we’re attempting to speak to the shifts that occur as we mature into ourselves, our sovereignty, and our power as women.

But at what cost?

Comparing women to girls in a way that diminishes either breeds shame. It’s yet another way that patriarchy wins. {tweet it}


Expecting ourselves to be “perfect”, faultless, and radiantly (yet humbly) self-assured, is a form of internalized patriarchy…

It demands that we calm down and shape up, in order to be lovable.
It demands that we put on a confident and brave face, in order to be lovable.
It demands that we transcend all of our human foibles, in order to be lovable.

Perpetuating these narratives that there’s something inherently broken, shameful, or unenlightened about us only serves to keep us divided from each other and ourselves.

This doesn’t mean that we have no work to do. We are all growing and learning each day, and it can be healthy to put some attention on our growth and embodiment.

But there’s a difference between focusing on our next level of growth because we’re committed to our freedom, and doing it because we believe we’re otherwise unworthy of love.

Speaking contemptuously about our girls diminishes their sense of self worth.  

Speaking highly of our girls helps them recognize their worth. {tweet it}

There are girls who are secure and confident, generous and kind, and expect to be treated with respect.

There are women who are insecure, stuck in fear and scarcity, and craving external validation.

Both of these ways of being deserve acknowledgment and compassion.

If we want to embolden girls and women to feel confident, alive, generous, and safe, let’s speak highly of them, and stop perpetuating perfectionistic, patriarchal narratives that seek to shame.

We’re in this together.
We can do better.
Let’s rise.


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