The world will be set free by women who are free. Sisterhood is the key.


Welcome, sister! So glad you’re here.
Growing up, I felt “different”. I was the mixed race kid with divorced parents, who dressed herself in wacky clothes and preferred soup to a sandwich… unless it was a shrimp and mayonnaise sandwich (I know, ew). I knew God, Krishna and Mother Nature. I was terrible at sports and loved writing haikus.

I now know that we all felt “different” in our own ways, that unique expressions bring unique gifts, and that we’re actually not that different after all.

So I welcome you here, in all of your wonderful weirdness, to join me in sisterhood. Welcome to a place where you can be fully expressed, totally uncool (which is way cooler, anyways), and where your desires for your life and the great-big-impact you want to make are greeted with a Yes!

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Video courtesy of Souls of San Francisco