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The world will be set free by women who are free. Sisterhood is the key.

"Nisha brings a feminine twist to everything she teaches and touches — an inclusive, sensual kind of wisdom that’s just what we need to round out our ambitions."

Danielle LaPorte | Author of The Desire Map
Danielle LaPorte.com

“I’m extremely skeptical of most so-called ‘coaches.’ But watching Nisha work with her clients is nothing short of amazing. Her results and commitment speak for themselves. She is a coach I’d personally trust.”

Tim Ferriss | Best-Selling Author

"When I first heard Nisha share her message of freedom and sisterhood for women, I knew I’d found a sister for life. She’s a true leader in the women’s freedom movement.”

Amanda Steinberg | Founder, DailyWorth

“Nisha is truly a business whisperer. She brings your most brilliant ideas, gifts and powers out of hiding and helps you package them in a way that commands respect and response from the world."

Sarah Jenks | Founder, Live More Weigh Less