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“Nisha brings infectious energy and enthusiasm everywhere she goes. She’s mastered the art of knowing how to inspire and transform, while delivering grounded, practical wisdom.”

Joshua Rosenthal | Founder, Integrative Nutrition IntegrativeNutrition.com

“Nisha has a superpower: when she speaks, people listen, and then…they respond. They take action. They shift their lives. That’s the kind of leader Nisha is: the kind that inspires connection and action, the kind whose words can spark a revolution.”

KC Baker | Women’s Thought Leadership Society and Public Speaking Coach KCBaker.com

“Nisha Moodley rocked the mic at Off The Charts, and touched every woman in the room with her words and story. She came to the stage with an incredible presence, facilitated change in tangible ways, and left everyone ready to embark on discovering their own sisterhood. “

Nathalie Lussier | Digital Strategist NathalieLussier.com


Speaking from the experience overcoming my own struggles with emotional eating, shopping addiction and workaholism – then growing a successful business where I’ve worked with hundreds of women to create extraordinary lives and businesses – I love connecting with audiences around all things related to women & freedom.

As a Women’s Leadership Coach with a background in health and entrepreneurship, my heart is at home in conversations ranging from food addiction, to self-love, to authentic selling. . . and of course, sisterhood.

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