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“The work that Nisha does is unparalleled in this world.  She is a leading voice in the women’s leadership movement and having her as a dear friend, colleague and former coach she has made all the difference for me in building a business that is not only wildly successful, but also is a reflection of my true heart’s desires.  Nisha showed me how to build a business that supported my dream life, instead of a life that revolves around my business, all while tripling my revenue.  It’s because of her great care that I now have a business I love, travel all over the world and have plenty of time to dedicate to all the other thing I love, instead of being consumed by my business.  Her ability to think outside the box, provide beautiful elegant solutions for complicated problems and her stand for beauty and easeful ambition are qualities that are greatly needed in this world.”

Lisa Fabrega | Writer & Seer

“What really surprised me about Nisha as a coach was that I thought I was going to get some really great business strategies, but I didn’t realize how much love she gives.

Every time we had a call together what I would feel is this immense love and support and what I thought I needed wasn’t what I needed at all. What I really needed was to become more of myself and to ease into love and trust of receiving help and guidance and that has changed my life, my relationship with my husband, my friendships and in the end it was the foundation of what I needed to rock out in my business.”

Jeannine Yoder | Founder Mentor Masterclass

“I’m extremely skeptical of most so-called ‘coaches.’ But watching Nisha work with her clients is nothing short of amazing. Her results and commitment speak for themselves. She is a coach I’d personally trust.”

Tim Ferriss | Author (Guest Mentor for The Freedom Mastermind)

“What really surprised me about working with Nisha was how much I was able to open up and discover about myself, not just about my own core beliefs, but about what I wanted to create in my life and my business, and do so openly. I didn’t think I would be able to reach down and find the truth so easily, but with the support of Nisha and this community it happened for me and happens for everyone she works with.

I’ve become more of myself through my work with Nisha. I was really able to shed some old layers that I was struggling to do on my own, but because of the support and the coaching and the constant positive feedback, I finally feel like me and it feels awesome.

The best business and life shift I’ve implemented is control of the calendar. My life and business calendar is no longer a nightmare, it’s set up in a way that it’s such a thing of beauty. I love the serenity and productivity that I feel when I look at my calendar now. I really needed this support to make that happen.”

Alex Jamieson | Author + Certified Health Counselor

“Working with Nisha has enhanced my life in more ways than I can count: She has helped me amp up my business and craft a new one. My life has exploded with sisterhood. And my marriage is more loving, honest and supportive than ever. Nisha brings super-powerered business acumen and a nurturing touch to her coaching. For me, it’s the perfect combination, and I could not imagine what my life would be like without our work together.”

Julie Rath | Founder and CEO, Rath & Co Men’s Style Consulting and Next Level Style

“Nisha brings a feminine twist to everything she teaches and touches — an inclusive, sensual kind of wisdom that’s just what we need to round out our ambitions.”

Danielle LaPorte, author of THE FIRE STARTER SESSIONS & The Desire Map
Danielle LaPorte.com

“Being a part of the Freedom Mastermind and being led by Nisha has been nothing short of magical. She teaches love, generosity, compassion and sisterhood in the beautiful and brilliant of ways. I feel like my being, my business, my relationships – everything has expanded as a result of being a part of this circle of amazing women. This has been one of the biggest gifts that I’ve ever given to myself, and I’m wildly grateful I went for it.”

Jordana Jaffe | Organizing Expert for Entrepreneurs

“Nisha Moodley rocks my world. Every time we speak I feel more inspired, energized and powerful and just more happy to be alive. She has the amazing ability to give kick-ass business advice in the most loving way Before coaching with Nisha, I was completely lacking in direction, confused about what steps to take in my business and afraid of putting myself out there. She helped me get laser focused on exactly what I need to do to grow my business. But, more importantly, she helped me discover and align with my purpose on the planet, which gave me the courage to serve in a bigger way. She cares about the bottom line, but more importantly she cares about your soul. In the world of coaches, she is truly a rare gem.”

Nicole Moore | Love Coach LoveWorksMethod.com

“Nisha is fast becoming recognized as a global thought leader in championing women’s freedom and sisterhood. With her signature warmth, beauty, intelligence, and humility, Nisha is a magnet for inspired women around the world who want to create powerful change in their lives and communities.”

Selena Soo | Business + Publicity Strategist

“Nisha is truly a business whisperer. She brings your most brilliant ideas, gifts and powers out of hiding and helps you package them in a way that commands respect and response from the world. Every good idea I’ve ever had has been in the sacred space that Nisha provides in her work with you. She lights a fire under your ass, holds your hand and cheers you on. I am always in awe of her magnificence and since working with her, I am finally in awe of mine.”

Sarah Jenks | Founder, Live More Weigh Less

“I decided to give myself the gift of working privately with Nisha over the summer as I was drawn to her honesty and professionalism of her business… Nisha was able to laser in immediately to the core of my message and my market and give me the structure I had been craving to ensure my business wasn’t going to take over my life. The feeling of clarity was such a relief and it took away a huge amount of overwhelm. Thank you so much Nisha, you are such a light!”

Jennie Harland-Khan – Founder of Irresistible Women

“Nisha walks her talk when it comes to running a business (and her life) from the feminine. The principles she teaches are evident through not only her business, but also her friendships and love life. Nisha’s message is so perfectly timed for the transformation that’s afoot on the planet. I’m so grateful she’s here as a way shower and thought leader in terms of how to channel our feminine energy for good on the planet.”

Kate Northrup | Author

“The importance of sisterhood in my life really surprised me.

Through my work with Nisha, I’ve really opened my heart to love, to the possibilities that I never thought were actually possible, to being in a supportive environment and group of friends that I never even dreamed of having. Now I have clarity surrounding the life I want and impact I want to make in the world.

I’ve really been able to tune into my intuition and know what feels right and what doesn’t which allows me to let go of the things that no longer serve me and to attract my best clients and friends and relationships that are completely aligned with who I am.”

Sara Davidson | Founder, Hello Fearless HelloFearless.com

“Nisha brings infectious energy and enthusiasm everywhere she goes. She’s mastered the art of knowing how to inspire and transform, while delivering grounded, practical wisdom.”

Joshua Rosenthal | Founder, Integrative Nutrition

“How can I even find words to describe how transformative my time working with Nisha has been? To say that my life has shifted in ways that I never believed possible would be an understatement.

When I began working with Nisha in 2013, I was running a very successful healing practice in San Francisco that from the outside looked like everything I wanted, but from the inside was burning me out, impacting my personal life, preventing me from traveling and was no longer in alignment with how I wanted to be serving the world and my clients. Through working with Nisha I was able to completely overhaul my work, start a new business built around the lifestyle I want and the type of work I want to offer, find my truth of who I am, and bring it all into reality. With Nisha’s loving support and guidance on the business aspects, I was able to create The Unbridled Life and bring it confidently into the world.

Nisha also helped me tremendously with healing my relationship with my partner and transforming our life into a loving, supportive and passionate partnership. Combined with the loving support of the sisterhood of the Freedom Mastermind, I now have a tribe I can call family and never feel alone again.

I am beyond grateful for the experience and it was a true lesson that when I invest in myself and my happiness, only great things can come in return. So many amazing things happened, and my life is truly transformed from working with Nisha.”

Jen Blackstock | Oracle and Head Priestess of The Unbridled Life

“When I first heard Nisha share her message of freedom and sisterhood for women, I knew I’d found a sister for life. Being her friend, bringing her wisdom to the DailyWorth.com readers, and working directly with her clients, have been amazing. She’s a true leader in the women’s freedom movement.”

Amanda Steinberg | Founder, DailyWorth

“Nisha Moodley is a magical combination of insanely fun yet get-down-to-business and fierce yet gentle. Hiring Nisha was a huge risk for me financially since, at the time, I was barely making enough money to pay my rent. In my heart of hearts, I knew that investing in Nisha’s coaching was an investment in myself and my business, and that I would see rewards beyond what I could have imagined. I was right! Not only did I triple my monthly income in four short months, but I finally feel safe and supported in being an entrepreneur. Before working with Nisha, I was afraid of experiencing my power as a leader, I didn’t even know what putting things into a calendar looked like, and I was stressed beyond belief about money. Now, I am speaking to live audiences, have a waitlist that is 3 months long, and am hiring team members! Having Nisha’s support, guidance, love, and practical tools has helped me get to a place where I am no longer floating in a sea of anxiety but rather skipping, hopping, and booty-shaking my way to my dream life. And the best thing of all? She is a constant reminder that we are free to create the lives that we want to live- and we can start right now.”

Alison Leipzig | Body Confidence Coach

“Nisha has a superpower: when she speaks, people listen, and then…they respond. They take action. They shift their lives… That’s the kind of leader Nisha is: the kind that inspires connection and action, the kind whose words can spark a revolution. And that’s exactly what’s happening here – a revolution of women finding true freedom, creating sisterhood, and positively shifting the world in the process. Bravo, Nisha!”

KC Baker | Founder, The Women’s Thought Leadership Society

“One conversation with Nisha changed our entire business in the most beautiful and enlivened way possible. We went into our session with a ton of ideas, questions and plans and left with clarity, focus and a renewed energy for our brand. Not only was the session fun and inspiring but we were most impressed at the seemingly endless array of solid, real and practical answers to all of our tough questions and beyond. Nisha suggested simple, actionable steps to tackle post-meeting and gave us tons of tools for resources, guidance and additional support. We honestly can not emphasize how incredible of an investment this was for our business.”

Robyn & Quinn

“Before I worked with Nisha, my business had success but I did not have absolute clarity. Nisha was able to bring out my deepest purpose and it was on that day, our VIP day, that everything changed. I embraced power and pulled that power fully into my personal and business life. I have seen massive shifts in my perception and those shifts have bled into my life, my business, my spiritual life and has brought some more laughter back into my world. I have been asked to teach at Hippocrates Institute and felt no fear and this is how I feel everyday; I am not scared anymore of challenges. Instead, I invite challenges into my life for expansion and growth. I would like to tell Nisha this, ” You helped me to put the wings back on and allowed me to see how full my life was and is. You helped me to see my vision and step into massive action with grace, beauty, ease and fun instead of exhaustion. I love you my sister. “

Rachel Feldman | Health Coach + Detox Specialist

“Nisha Moodley is a muse, a seeker, and a connector extraordinaire. She sees through things to find hidden diamonds, and cheers you to step up and make them your own. Nisha is a visionary, and I trust her intuition and instincts implicitly. The best part is that Nisha does it all with love.”

Holli Thompson | Author & Health Expert

“My business and my life were transformed by our work together. I was confused and unclear about my message so we immediately got to work on figuring that out. Then we created my signature program Fix Your Period, which has been a huge success.

Nisha is kickass! She’s incredibly creative and gives you a plan of action. Today I am so confident in my business and the direction it is going in, and I owe it all to my work with Nisha.”

Nicole Jardim | Women’s Hormonal Health Coach

“The experience of working with Nisha is like having a sister, midwife, priestess and business mentor all at the same time. Her intuitive and heart-led coaching has had a profound impact on my life and business.”

Becca Piastrelli | Founder, The Dabblist

“Nisha was one of my first internet crushes. I landed on her site and instantly felt a connection to her words, her authenticity and her inner beauty. When I was looking to design my dream life and business with confidence and ease, Nisha was the one I turned to. The first time I jumped on the phone with her, fountains of ideas, action-taking and limiting beliefs just started to unravel. She pushed me through some fears in my business very quickly to unlock the freedom I was so desperately seeking. From business to bedroom, Nisha’s got it covered. My husband and I are now living out our delicious dreams now instead of later. And our daughter gets to witness us practice self-care and live our best life everyday. In this world, I’ve also realized it can be challenging to find more women open to sharing and building each other up. If you want to find more quality friendships with women that support each other instead of tearing one another down, Nisha will lead you down the path of true sisterhood…for real. She’s an open book and playing in Nisha’s circle has been a gift in my business and life. I am sure Nisha hears this often, but I feel like she’s been a true soul sister since the first time I met her.”

Jadah Sellner | Co-Founder, Simple Green Smoothies

“The minute I met the vibrant, warm, and magical Nisha, I KNEW she would be one of my greatest teachers, guides, and inspirations. Through my year of participating in her brilliant Mastermind, I have formed lasting and deep bonds with my fellow MM Sisters, learned to practice radical self-love and acceptance, and built an even more lucrative, sustainable, Authentic and FUN six-figure business.

Before coaching with Nisha, I often hid out and isolated myself when I felt triggered or upset. Now I reach out to others and ask for support. I allow myself to be nurtured and seen, even in my darkness. Nisha has shared so much wisdom that has transformed my life, but here is one of my favorites: “Cora, when you share your pain with those who love you, you don’t create more pain, just MORE Love.”

I recommend Nisha’s Mastermind to anyone who is desiring to feel supported and held while at the same time challenged and invited to grow, evolve, and expand. She and the other Mastermind Sisters will NOT let you fall through the cracks. It is GUARANTEED that you will positively shift and change in limitless ways. Nisha and the Mastermind Experience has led me to a life of THRIVING, not just surviving, and for this I am forever grateful.”

Cora Poage | Intuitive Coach

“The thing that really surprised me about my work with Nisha was that I came into this thinking I was going to get a business out of it, but what I got instead was a life.

I was able to grow into my full self.

The most amazing thing I got out of working with Nisha was that I got my best friend back. The work that I did with Nisha helped me recreate that relationship.

I can’t wait to see what happens next in my life.”

Carolyn Messere | Surgeon + Health Expert

“Love at first sight is not exclusive to lovers…This was my experience of first meeting Nisha. She walked into a REDLADIES group as an incarnation of the expression ‘lit from within.’ She looked like a well dressed and articulate lighthouse. My soul’s jaw dropped. Instant love. Fierce. Radiant. Free. This is Nisha. Her essence. She beamed and glowed at the REVEAL conference, seamlessly holding all the threads of that gorgeous event at Urban Zen with grace-filled ease. She could identify the light in each REVEAL team member, being light herself, and set them ablaze that day. Emily Dickinson says that, “the soul selects her own society.” This is what happened for me with Nisha Moodley- my soul selected her as one of its own. I support, endorse, and believe in Nisha and all that she does from her sexy threads, her brilliant & blazing ideas, to her breathtaking soul.

Meggan Watterson | Founder, REVEAL

“Nisha spoke life into the dream business I was hiding and smothering. Defining, creating, and expanding a business you love (what I *thought* was my core reason for joining Nisha’s mastermind) would have been a tremendous value in its own right. I’m so grateful to learn it is loaded with so much more. Nisha supports, guides and coaches you to be the very best version of yourself and offers the perfect cocoon in which to discover more fully who she is and how to set her free. Nisha has found her purpose in life and it’s to help you discover a remarkable life and live it fully. She’s created something far greater than herself and I’m so thrilled and blessed to be a part of her legacy.”

Beth Ash | Founder, For Love of the Vine

“I freakin’ LOVE, LOVE, LOVE working with Nisha.

Every single interaction I have with her leaves me far better off than when I started.

I don’t know how I could possibly narrow down her excellence into a few sentences, so here are 5 of the top reasons I think Nisha’s beyond epic, in no particular order:

1. She has the best blend of intuitive + practical advice.. Any time I ever ask her to help me with anything, I get a concrete action plan — but it’s led by my heart.

2. The best way I can explain Nisha’s energy is “sparkling clean from a place of love”. I’ve never met someone who can hold space for anybody with so little judgment and so much love at the same time.

3. Nisha really walks her talk. She says she is a stand for sisterhood, and she consistently shows it. She’s forever going above and beyond to be there for the women in her life.

4. She is a master at freedom – both internally and externally. I’ve had more than one conversation with her where I was completely frazzled about something, and she’d just quickly drop a perspective shift, rattling my world for the better.

5. Nisha overdelivers like crazy. If she says she’ll do something, she does it… but then she keeps giving far more. And it’s always from a place of “surplus” energy. I can’t even count how many random presents she’s sent my way, emails she’s answered when she didn’t have to, and phone calls she re-scheduled for my benefit. She is just so full of love, heart, and generosity.

I can’t recommend Nisha highly enough.”

Rachel Rofé | Better Life Strategist

“Working with Nisha allowed me the opportunity to rethink and restructure my coaching practice, have the guts to put my worth out to the world and provide a built-in supportive community of women who shared the experience. I created a new program, updated my marketing, and got my first client at my new rates in 48hrs! I admit, I was skeptical when I first signed-up, but with proven results in such a short period of time, Nisha is someone I know has the tools to help me continue to take my business to higher levels.”

Amy Levine | Sex Coach & Certified Sexuality Educator

“Nisha is passionate! That passion fuels her commitment to her clients and I’ve felt it fully! From brainstorming to birthing my vision and business, her dedication and support helped me to create and manifest what I could only have imagined. I’m incredibly grateful!”

Tisha Lin | Creator of Pleasurable Periods

“Nisha gracefully swept down to meet me exactly where I was. Sensing my immense vulnerability, she provided the perfect cocoon for me to unravel. The space she provided was more than safe, it allowed me to be me. Nisha was gentle with my heart as it healed from years of emotional eating almost over night. There is something about her desire to help that makes you want to heal. A remarkable person through and through.”

Kate Stefans | Emotional Eating Coach for Sensitive Souls

“I’m obsessed with my biz coach Nisha Moodley. She lit me up once again and gave me an elegant solution for my soul’s work. Grateful. She uses intuition and artfully guides you to fulfill your spirit’s dharma. I would highly recommend Nisha to anyone needing guidance in their business. Her work is out of this world!

Christine Gutierrez, Spiritual Coach & Psychotherapist

“Working with Nisha brought my business (and more importantly, the way I think about my business) to the next level in so many ways! Since working with her, I’ve created 3 products, added 2 new revenue streams (with more on the way), and my email list has tripled in size. Nisha is a wealth of amazing business resources – the ones she’s given me have been completely genius. She’s helped me open my eyes to new ways of positioning my brand, and sees the hidden possibilities in the most unsuspecting places. If you want to amp up your business in ways you never imagined, Nisha is your girl!”

Jenny Sansouci | Health Blogger

“Being in Nisha’s mastermind has been a life altering experience for me. I’ve manifested the home I wanted; learned to truly love myself-which I’m certain led to attracting the man of my dreams; manifested an amazing job with the best perks imaginable; I learned to stop trying to do everything on my own and I discovered a deep joy in sisterhood while feeling loved and supported. I’m forever grateful!”

Paula Orozco | Reiki Master Teacher

“When I started working with Nisha, I felt very scattered as I struggled to balance my desire to grow my business with raising my two young sons. My first talk with Nisha helped me relax and refocus. I could tell she was as deeply committed to my goals as I was, and I knew with her support I could succeed. Nisha gently pushes me out of my comfort zone both personally and professionally. On the business side, I have a clearer vision of where I am going and what I need to do to get there. I have attracted more clients and conducted teleseminars, which I never would have done without her guidance. On a personal level, my work with Nisha has reminded me to consistently work on my self care which has helped me be more loving and patient with my family. I am sincerely grateful to have Nisha’s support as I pursue my dreams.”

Michelle Bailen | Women’s Health Coach

“Working with Nisha has helped me to look beyond what I thought possible for my life and my business. I am so grateful for her brilliance and guidance.”

Stephanie Burg | Holistic Health Coach

“Before I joined the Freedom Mastermind I was longing for community even though I had no idea what that looked or felt like. After I had my first conversation with Nisha I was so intrigued and scared of what the others would think. It was at our first retreat in Costa Rica when I felt the true magic of sisterhood. I met women from all walks of life and in all different stages of their businesses and personal journeys. The best thing I discovered about the community of sisterhood is the true unconditional love and acceptance I feel being vulnerable, silly, or whatever form I choose to show up as in any moment. I no longer feel alone or abandoned. I’m completely supported in sisterhood in my life, love, my passion and whatever else lies ahead of me.”

Jenn Bradshaw | Well Woman Coach

“I knew that Nisha was awesome from reading her blog posts and learning from the wealth of knowledge she shares with her followers, but working with her privately and in the Freedom Mastermind, I was blown away at how amazing she really is! Working with Nisha has helped me voice and clarify my desires, in my business and my personal relationships. She has helped me to feel confident in myself to dream big, and create a path and the tools I need to achieve my dreams. She has inspired me to be the woman I never knew I could be: powerful, feminine, and free. The Sisterhood she introduces you to was something I didn’t realize I could have and was yearning for, and every day I wake up I think about how grateful I am to be a part of it. I am so thankful to have her as my coach, my sister and my friend.”

Melissa Hoffmann | Personal Branding Makeup Artist

“I was skeptical about Nisha’s Freedom Intensives. Could just one hour really make a difference? Would this be worth the investment? My skepticism was quickly converted into awe and excitement. Yes, one hour really did make a difference! Yes, it was absolutely worth the investment…it was worth more! Nisha’s Freedom Intensive changed the direction of my business and life forever. Working with Nisha was transformational, both professionally and personally. I am eternally grateful.”

Annalicia Niemela | Coach + Yoga Instructor

“My life will literally never be the same. Nisha’s power, Nisha’s influence, Nisha’s brave shining of her gifts — all of these things have altered me in such tangible, visceral ways. I feel it in my body, in my soul, in my heart. I am already so much better, and I am so much more hopeful for all the better that is to come. For this lifetime, and for all the lifetimes ahead. Nisha is magic. She is a force of nature. She is wild and wonderful. I love this woman so much, you can’t possibly even know.

I have become so much more aligned with my soul’s purpose and so confident in my self-expression on all front’s of my life – from my relationships with my husband and family, in my friendships, in my business and just in the way I move through the world.

I have a newfound level of confidence and a new understanding of myself and love for what it is that I’m going to offer in the world and I have women that I can fall back on for the rest of my life and that’s like a superpower.”

Ginny Johnson | Certified Holistic Health Counselor

“I wish there was a way to fully express how grateful I feel for the intimate, magical, and heart-opening weekend I shared with some of the most incredible women I’ve ever met in my life. WOW.

Just saying thank you to Nisha and all our sisters in our mastermind couldn’t ever do it justice. I feel so snuggled and loved by this sisterhood, so healed, so open, and vulnerable.”

Sirena Bernal | Nutrition + Fitness Expert

“I knew this year and this sisterhood was going to be good. I realize now I had no idea HOW good. Nisha’s ability to cultivate a space of real, true sisterhood for women is kind of beyond description. The further I go into this life she has guided me to step into, the more fierce I realize I have always been. Nisha and my new community of sisters have allowed me to be excited about my life again.”

Erin Cadd | Interior Coach

“The Freedom Mastermind is a unique and beautiful nine month birthing process that has brought me back to life. I was just starting my business and knew one day I wished to be part of a mastermind group. Knowing that I wasn’t making any money yet, I figured it would take years before I would even be considered and asked to join one. One morning, I received an email from Nisha announcing applications for the Freedom Mastermind was opened and even if you didn’t believe this was for you, to apply anyway. There is something incredibly satisfying to be in the mindset of writing out an application for something you wish to be a part of. I trusted in the process and filled out the application. It was one of the best intuitive actions I have taken in my life.

Right after our first retreat, I had the strength to pack up my belongings and travel to Australia for two months. Since then I have only been home for two weeks at a time. The freedom I feel living my life the way I crave has been exhilarating and liberating. Nisha encourages you to be your authentic self and listen to your intuition.

Within nine months I have been able to verbalize my mission and become a leader in my global community. I understand the true meaning of sisterhood and I have seen the impact we have made by supporting each other through our highs and lows. The other women in the mastermind are now my life long sisters. I will be eternally grateful.”

Sora No | Life + Business Coach

“When I signed up for the Freedom Mastermind, I didn’t really know what to expect. I had high hopes that the mastermind would help me to reach some of my personal and professional goals, to take my business to the next level and to challenge me to explore and grow.

That all happened, but the impact of the program in my life was sooooooooo much more than that. If I had to sum it up in one word, that word would be : expansion.

What has most shifted for me over the course of this year is that my capacity for EVERYTHING has expanded

Love. Success. Joy. Friendship. Connection. Even pain. Though Nisha has taught me that pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

Even in (or should I say, especially in) areas where I thought I felt satisfied – friendship and connection for example – I feel a depth and connection with a group of 16 other women that matches the depth of the relationships I have with some of my lifelong girlfriends. Before the mastermind, I didn’t even see that my capacity for friendship and sisterhood was lacking (and I don’t think it was)… but I feel a new spaciousness in this area. And all areas in my life.

I dream bigger. I shine brighter. I feel like all my dreams are totally within my reach.

Deep bow to Nisha, her beautiful support team and to my 16 sisters on this journey.”

Laura Dinstell | Founder, Almost Custom Websites

“I was loosely familiar with the concept of masterminds before joining Nisha’s, and now I’m a wholehearted believer in the power of what is possible with the support and encouragement of a community of amazing women all taking a stand for each other. Coming together without prior acquaintance, we have thrived from holding one other’s hopes, dreams and intentions from clean slates, without the bias (even well-intentioned) that is inherent when people have prior knowledge of and history with each other. No matter the area – business, career, physical and emotional health, relationships, spirituality – each of my sisters and I have grown and expanded in ways previously unthinkable.

I am grateful to Nisha for her wisdom and foresight in creating such a special container where women come together and thrive in this safe, nurturing environment, where we explore, learn, grow and embrace dreams we might have been too fearful to pursue on our own.
This mastermind has been a powerful incubator for me to gain greater clarity on my life and the knowing that anything is possible. Every dream begins with the first step, and with the loving and gentle but firm encouragement of Nisha and my mastermind sisters, I have taken numerous steps that bring me more and more into alignment with the beautiful life I’m here to live.

This is one of the most valuable and worthwhile investments I could ever make in myself.”

Lois Wong | Writer + Yogini

“In early 2012, I intended that this year was all about sacred flight. My life was anything but at the time. Overwhelmed with a full time job and growing business, I worked 7 days a week and had a vision but no practical way of attaining the freedom I wanted. Nisha’s mastermind email flew into my inbox, my intuition said, “Hell yes!” My mind said, “Do you have time? Can you afford it?” I didn’t care. I would make it happen. What I needed now was a sisterhood of fierce, Super Shero Femmepreneurs that knew what it was like to hang off the edge and fly into the unknown. What I needed was a mentor who knows what it takes to dream big and live free. What I needed was a launching pad to really believe and create the freedom to live and serve the world with my own unique passion and talents.
As I started this adventure I knew I wanted to hang with fierce change-makers, expand my biz, travel more, leave the days of day-jobs behind, finally have a surgery that was weighing me down and keeping me in the rat race. I wanted support and know-how to be freer and have the courage to be more myself than I’ve ever been.

As I emerge now from this mastermind: my visibility and business have expanded; I run with a fierce, thriving sisterhood; I’ve traveled more this year than ever before; surgery was a success; and day job is O-V-E-R. Scary. Yes. Full of courage, potential and expansion: YES!

I gained a deeper insight into who I am, what I am bringing and the courage to step onto the stage in a bigger way and be the Urban Priestess that I am. Understanding my work’s intrinsic value has changed the way I do business and the way I see business. Its not in opposition to my intuitive, healing abilities…it’s inclusive and expansive in the realm of feminine leadership. Making this leap has changed my life.

During a call with Nisha she suggested I sublet my apartment and live in different places to satisfy my love for travel and need for expansion. “Ohh no, I can’t do that…” But the seed was planted. Currently, “The Gypsy Project”, as I call it, is in the works… Love you, Nisha, and the incredible sisterhood that dares to answer your call to freedom!”

Vanessa Codorniu |The Urban Priestess

“I am so grateful that Nisha has given me my wings to fly. She is purely brilliant! Beyond being an incredible, intuitive, creative, trustworthy coach, she is my biggest cheerleader and I would not be where I am if it weren’t for her guidance. I had the courage to leave my well-paying job in finance to be a full time Health Coach. I now love what I do every day and was even featured on the Lululemon blog, which was a dream come true! I’m even following my dream of moving to California.”

Jill Shapiro | Health Coach

“Nisha is a kickass, heart-centered, business minded, powerhouse of a woman. She’s a source for third party unbiased opinions, tell-it-like-it-is honesty AND soulful depth of truth and encouragement. She is on my side to win. It’s more than her job. It’s her purpose.

Not only did she bring a group of women together that ranged from song writers, tea makers, writers and coaches, but she somehow amassed a list of speakers that rocked the dust off my hiking sneakers.

I was front and center for an authentic communication workshop with Ariana Hall and a roundtable with Tim Ferriss. I learned the power of presence, the importance of intuition when taking on a client or project and the true meaning of “all in.” I soaked in mineral springs, weeded out my 2013 business plan and encountered a band of coyotes. And this was just the beginning…

Every person needs a coach, mentor, band of sisters {or brothers} and some good quality advice to move us up the ladder of success.”

Stephanie Jiroch | Holistic sex expert + women’s empowerment coach

“Nisha is a brilliantly savvy business wizard. She took what I had in my head, understood where I wanted to go with it and with seamless clarity, created an easy to follow plan that had me attaining my business goals quicker than I could have imagined. If you’ve been wanting to find the right coach – she is hands down the woman to connect with.”

Caitlyn Cade | Health Coach + Pilates Instructor

“Nisha has an innate gift of being able to get through the crap and get right to the core of the issue. I am busier and yet more focused and forward moving with Nisha on my side – feeling more calm and driven as opposed to the running-around-with-my-head-cut-off feeling I was used to. Nisha’s gentle yet direct way, teamed with her tuned-in instinct and killer business savvy has dramatically shifted my life and business. Working with Nisha, at any investment, is a no-brainer to me.”

Robyn Guidon | Master Coach

“Have you ever heard the saying, ‘when the student is ready, the teacher will appear’? Nisha came to me at the most perfect time in my life. I am beyond grateful and beyond words that she is part of my life. Not only is she my business coach, but she’s my friend and my sister. She works it like no one I know. And she is DAMN good at it. Her passion, drive, love, compassion, and spirit make you love her even more, especially when she’s getting real with you about what you want to do with your life/business. She has helped me see doors where I thought there were only walls. She has guided me to see new in places I would have seen nothing. She is changing my life as we speak and I know she will forever have a remarkable impact on my business and my life.

MK Sullivan | Social Media Maven

“Working with Nisha has been such an amazing journey. Her creativity, biz smarts and sweet soul has helped me create a business that I absolutely love. In the short time that we worked together I grew my business from 3 to 30 clients, launched two group programs, and booked 5 wellness workshops with over sixty people at each event. Building my business was, unexpectedly, the easy part… she helped me to grow in so many other ways that I will be forever thankful for. Honestly, I’ve never felt happier, more confident, beautiful and free in my life.”

Diana Rodriguez | Healthy Lifestyle Coach

“Working with Nisha has been extremely eye opening! I knew that something needed to change in my business but I wasn’t exactly sure what. I was constantly busy trying new marketing ideas but nothing seemed to be working. Needless to say I was frustrated and completely overwhelmed. Nisha helped me see that the language I was using for my business was semi-vague and semi-overwhelming at the same time. Nobody got it! Nisha helped me break down our language and bring it to women in a digestible way. The response has been amazing! Women are gravitating to our site and seeing the potential of what we offer. More importantly I am finally able to put my passion to good use. Thanks Nisha!”

Kerri Pagliarini-Dorman | Coach & Writer

“Working with Nisha has been a revelation. She is a woman with wisdom beyond her years and her intuition hears the real meaning behind one’s words. She leads with kindness and fearlessness and, her love for life is infectious. I feel honored to have been one of the women in her first mastermind.”

Kathy Meyer

“Nisha has given me clarity, focus and direction. She is there for me, in my corner, when I need her the most with strategy and support to take action for my deepest desires. Because of Manifestation Mastermind, I’ve made life long friends who lift me up, move me forward and want nothing but the best for me. Oh, and retreat in New Mexico…through tears, fire, laughs and mud I healed, shifted & transformed. No words can truly describe the experience! Thank you Nisha for helping me find a courage and fierceness I’ve never experienced before.”

Jackie Vecchio | Holistic Health Coach

“About a year ago, after taking the plunge to dive into a new passion and career with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I stumbled upon Nisha’s Mastermind program. Nisha exuded so much confidence and the program had everything I longed for…especially a powerful tribe of sisters.

Nisha has helped me grow leaps and bounds both personally, mentally and with my very own business dreams. This chick is a powerhouse in so many ways – her creativity is off the charts! My business would not have come to where it is if it weren’t for our sessions. Nisha really gets her people and works closely to get you that perfect business name and release the fear to make it happen. I now have a group of sisters that I can count on for life. The bonds I have formed are unreal – as someone who has had so much fear in themselves and what others think of me – Nisha has shown me how to fully release this fear. Now whenever something happens {whether good or bad} I can send an e-mail, text, or call on any of these sisters and I am overwhelmed with gratitude at the loving responses.

Nisha has been a godsend to me. What once seemed like lofty dreams and goals are becoming real! Nisha has given me endless support and kicks in the ass. Whatever I struggle with Nisha helps to turn it around and shed positive and loving light on it. I found Nisha as an uncertain, scared and insecure girl and now I am the confident coach who is filled with happiness and ready to take on the world. Words cannot express my endless gratitude and love I hold for Nisha. I cry tears of joy that the universe brought her into my life. Thank you for who you are and all that you do! I freaking adore you.”

Ashley Taylor Yannello | Confidence Coach

“When I first met Nisha 3 years ago, I was overweight, struggling to feel beautiful, let alone sexy, depressed from some unhealthy relationship choices, and being frozen to acknowledge these circumstances that were leaving me powerless, hurt, and alone. Enter Nisha. I found in Nisha strength, passion and love that set me upon a path of recognizing the same within myself, discovering me, and falling in love with the mother I am. I never thought I’d find myself on the road I am on, in the shoes that I happily jump into every morning, but without the amazing results, I’d have no idea those shoes existed. The immediate results (lost 20lbs.!!!) showed me that I COULD take charge of my health and make drastic, amazing life changes! Nisha’s a goddess to my heart, but I know that I couldn’t have done this, or be where I am had I not been willing to put myself out there… in her 8 week group program, on her retreats to Costa Rica (twice!), and at her Business Bootcamp! And every moment I take a step closer to being the real, open, honest, caring, loving, ROCKSTAR I know I am, Nisha is there, to support, to guide, with determination never to give up on anyone in her care. What I find is never old news… in fact, the more times it comes ’round, the more I am able to recognize it within, and grow from it.

…When I have a problem, Nisha isn’t just my cheerleader, she’s my devil’s advocate, she’s the rock with the patience to make the challenge turn us inside ourselves, and find clear action and direction.

What Nisha does is inspire. I’ve seen it firsthand, I’ve felt it eternal. What she does IS groundbreaking… she is not invested in her clients for herself; she’s invested for them – for their passion, their permission to be WHO they are. Nisha is guidance, and she’s power. Who else would you want leading and challenging YOU?”

Lindsay Wilson | The Events + Momma Doula