Our World Needs Your

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Wise Future Self



Wise Future Self


To know ourselves is to know love


Our World Needs Your
Unique Leadership

Leadership in devotion to a liberatory and regenerative future.
Leadership as an expression of our unique gifts.
Leadership that embraces all of you, and all of us.
Leadership that aligns with our deep care.

If you know-in-your-bones that you are here to
weave your unique gifts into existence…

If you yearn to do it with great depth and devotion…

If you believe there’s a way to show up in
your gifts, without sacrificing what’s sacred…

I’m with you

Whether it’s through our work, our parenting, our art, or our activism,
our leadership is shaped by our deep care & devotion.

Yet it is because of this deep care that we might find ourselves…

  • Hiding or disowning parts of ourselves, in order to be accepted
  • Over-extending ourselves and our energy
  • Feeling called to an expanded expression of our gifts, but holding back
  • Questioning our value or the value of our work
  • Feeling afraid to mess up, afraid to cause harm, afraid to be judged
  • Doing what we feel like we should be doing, rather than what our souls call us towards
  • Unclear about the most meaningful ways to serve
  • Feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from our work and relationships
  • Knowing that our work could run deeper, but feeling afraid to go there
  • Stuck in a loop of overworking then collapsing in exhaustion
  • Caring deeply, but not knowing how to best show up

    These experiences reveal our soul’s call to root down to our depths, and rise up in devotion.

    Devotional Leadership
    teeaches us this…

    True, new paradigm leadership is regenerative and liberatory.
    We are all leaders, and our leadership helps us discern when to speak and when to listen, when to lead the charge and when to step back.
    Our leadership is expressed as the liberation of our unique gifts and the remembrance of our wholeness.
    Our leadership runs through every area of our lives, because it is sparked by our deep care.
    Where and how we show up in our leadership is shaped by our ability to root down to our depths, and rise up in devotion.

    My Coaching Philosophy

    • We are each on our own soul’s journey. It’s not my job to tell you what to do or how to live, and I don’t know your path more than you. It’s my job to hold space for the process, hold your desires as dear, look out for patterns (energetic and habitual), reflect what I’m seeing, ask great questions to help you find your truth, and support you in unraveling what’s entangling you. When I advise you, I’m calibrating for “does this feel aligned/true for you?” and if so, great! If not, my advice goes out the door and we keep exploring.
    • We are all innately brilliant. We are here to remove anything obscuring your brilliance, or your ability to see it. We are here to unhook you from comparison, criticism, and being liked. We are here to help you honor your unique brilliance, and be free to lead in your unique ways.
    • We are inherently lovable (because who we are is love). With me, all parts of you are held in love. I am not here to shut down, mock, or belittle your hangups, fears, and challenges. I’m here to honor your brilliance, make space for your humanness, and support you in living and working true to yourself and your values.
    • We are here to root down and rise up. What “showing up” looks like in each moment will be different for each of us. For some, it may be leaning into deep personal nourishment; for others, finding our deep well of resilience. It’s all meaningful, and it all matters, because the regenerative path forward includes all parts of us, and every one of us.

    My People

    • I love working with women from diverse backgrounds, and as a woman of color myself, uplifting the voices and work of other women of color matters to me.
    • Visionary women, who want to co-create a new way forward, together.
    • Entrepreneurs, “intrapreneurs”, healers, artists, activists, coaches, therapists, educators, nonprofit founders, and mothers.
    • Spiritually-curious, open-minded women who want to get to the heart of things. No “spiritual girl” uniform or lingo required to be in my crew – come in your goddess dress and flower crown, your sweaty stretch pants and messy bun, your combat boots and purple crew cut, or your navy suit – about this, I do not care. Come as you are – I want to know you.
    • We know that it’s not un-spiritual to read the news and attend protests, and it’s not un-intelligent to enjoy sweaty dance parties.
    • Relationship matters to us, and we show up ready and willing to honor one another, lean-in, allow for difference (h/t to Andréa Ranae for this distinction), and go deeper together. This isn’t always easy, but we’re willing.
    • I welcome all women, including trans women (because…women) or anyone who identifies as such in a significant way. All sexual orientations are welcomed.

    Working Together

    I support people doing game-changing work, whether it's inside their company, through entrepreneurship, or through their art or activism.


    For 15 years, I have been a holistic, multidisciplinary coach. My work integrates:

    • healing modalities such as breathwork, Family Constellations, and nearly 30 years of practicing energy work
    • in-depth coaching through my training as both a Holistic Health Coach & Executive Coach, grounded in IFS work
    • artful facilitation, with experience facilitating over 50 retreats and guiding both groups and individuals through transformational experiences.

    I’m the founder of Global Sisterhood Day, and I've run masterminds for 13 years, created 6 online courses, and led over 50 retreats.

    Being a mixed-race woman, with a background and training in executive coaching, wellness coaching, intergenerational & energy healing, and community building, offers me a unique understanding of the ecology of leadership, and an ability to catalyze profound growth for my clients.

    Our community-based retreats and programs have supported thousands of women to liberate their leadership and weave their unique gifts in service of our collective vision.


    When I work with you intimately, I first focus on really seeing you: your life, your identities, your natural talents, gifts, vision, desires, emotional patterns, and health/professional/personal goals.

    From there, I’m focused on alignment, looking at your life holistically, to make sure that we're focusing on evolution that is truly nourishing and sustainable.

    Together, we dismantle internalized hierarchy so we can embrace a more egalitarian form
    of leadership and recognize that we ARE leaders, and the only way we can truly lead is from our wholeness.

    ✓ As we focus on embodying our leadership, we build greater compassion and resilience within ourselves, while bringing greater depth and devotion to our work.

    ✓ We clarify the true nature of the work we’re here to do, and what that looks like on a practical daily basis.

    ✓ We build in structures for more support, community-care, and
    self-care in our lives, so we can keep doing the work.

    ✓ We circle together to share our hearts and our lives, and when it’s time, we receive reflections that bring us back to ourselves and our soul's truth.

    My work exists to support you in embracing your wholeness and expanding your leadership.
    I believe in you.

    Let’s play.

    “The experience of working with Nisha is like having a sister, midwife, priestess and business mentor all at the same time. Her intuitive and heart-led coaching has had a profound impact on my life and business.”

    Becca Piastrelli | Belonging Guide & Retreat Facilitator

    “In one year, my whole life expanded in ways I had previously thought were impossible. Being mentored by Nisha is truly a multifaceted experience that goes to your very core with curiosity and love, to connect with your deepest essence and truth. No stone is unturned, no question unclarified.

    She is a master of shining a light on what needs to be seen…incredibly healing and powerful. I highly recommend this program to any woman who wants to invest in her own growth and passion projects, and in expanding her vision of what is possible.”

    Alejandra Torres | “Shark” on Shark Tank Colombia & Founder of Musas Comunidad

    “I am in awe by what has transformed within me, and the opportunities, in both my personal and professional life, that have unfolded during our time together. It is challenging to articulate just how profound the healing and depth of this work is because we traversed layers of the soul and its expression in my work and relationships. Nisha has the ability to cut through any confusion or fears I may be experiencing, and transforms them into clarity and actionable steps. She continues to reflect and to remind me of my gifts when I forget, so that I can move through any discomfort in my growth of being seen.”

    Kristien Alquero | Birthkeeper & Montessori Guide

    “I’m a stronger, more integrated version of me, a more human version of me. Nisha is a master of holding multiplicity and nuance, which is so much of what made this space work for me.
    She is brave and also filled with integrity and so much trust. It continues to inspire me now.”

    Jillian Walker | Playwright

    “My business and my life were transformed by our work together. I was confused and unclear about my message so we immediately got to work on figuring that out. Then we created my signature program Fix Your Period, which has been a huge success. Nisha is kickass! She’s incredibly creative and gives you a plan of action. Today I am so confident in my business and the direction it is going in, and I owe it all to my work with Nisha.”

    Nicole Jardim | Author & Women’s Hormonal Health Coach

    “I’m obsessed with my coach Nisha Moodley. She lit me up once again and gave me an elegant solution for my soul’s work. Grateful. She uses intuition and artfully guides you to fulfill your spirit’s dharma. I would highly recommend Nisha to anyone needing guidance… Her work is out of this world!”

    Christine Gutierrez | Spiritual Coach & Psychotherapist

    “Nisha’s intuitive abilities and heart-forward focus allowed me to see with clarity where my life purpose is taking me. When you spend time with Nisha, it is crystal clear that she is 100% committed to YOU. There is no way that can be priced, it can only be experienced.”

    Nadia Payan | Artist & Creative Guide

    “Nisha is a brilliant genius of gathering women who are luminous and powerful. The container held for us was graceful and unwavering. Nisha bends time and creates space where magic unfolds and transformation is birthed…. The experience was life changing. Every aspect of my life was touched and shifted in potent ways.”

    Aimee Leigh | Intuitive Guide & Mentor


    Soul of Leadership is a course and community, where you will be guided in embodying and elevating your own unique expression of leadership, so you can lead with courage, depth and wisdom in all that you do.

    We embrace and embody twelve soul qualities of leadership – one each month – through circling in community, monthly inner explorations, moon rituals, embodiment practices, and taking clear, aligned actions.


    Your ancestors + the soul of your work want to guide you.

    I offer a few spaces each month for private retreats + deep dives, and I support a few long-term private clients at a time. My private work begins with communing with + creating an altar to the Soul of your work, offering channeled messages from it, and from the Ancestor(s) that root your lineage gifts.

    Depending on your needs and the offering, we can cover a lot of ground – exploring + unwinding what’s kept you from fully embracing and amplifying your unique medicine in our world, in a way that aligns with your values, body, relationships, and rhythms; your business model and messaging; your offerings and work-life flow.

    We go deep and wide, and weave in plenty of space to listen, so our clarity is rooted.


    In this workshop, you will:

    • Commune with the Soul of your Work, to access deep clarity
    • Connect with your Wise Future Self, and a vision of the future that inspires and calls you forth.
    • Align your plans with the rhythm of your body and nature.
    • Craft a plan for your year that your entire body and soul say Yes to.
    • Create rituals that support your success.
    • Learn how to drop in-and-down for clarity along the way, rather than going up-and-out


    Devotional Leadership Council is for the Initiated – women who have walked through the fire of our own becoming – to initiate into ever-deepening levels of leadership around our work in the world.

    This is a council for seasoned creators whose revolutionary work nourishes culture-change; We are devoted to living our lives and operating our businesses in alignment with that change.
    Our journey includes exquisite in-person retreats, private coaching, group councils, courses, and space to commune with our brilliant & supportive community.


    DEVOTED is for you if you’ve been doing your work for a while, but feel that you haven’t yet fully sunk your teeth in and surrendered into your true, Sacred Work.

    Something about your work feels flat, uninspired, askew, off-track – or lacking in the cohesion, depth, wholeness, complexity, and magic you know you’re here to bring – and you long to remember + weave your unique medicine with depth + care.


    In this week-long journey, we’ll experience the time bending effect of slowing down and infusing each day with deep connection in community, with other visionary women and femmes. We’ll gather in sacred circle for ceremony and council. You’ll walk away with rooted clarity, and deeper devotion to your path.