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As your freedom deepens, your ripple effect broadens.

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Even if we never play together,
I want you to know this:

There is a way to have your life and work flow like poetry, creating ever-expanding freedom and sustainability. Making a big impact in the world and living an extraordinary life isn’t always easy, but you don’t have to suffer. Let me show you how…

Playing together:
I play with do-gooders: ambitious women who are making a big difference and have big, beautiful dreams; coaches, creatives, CEO’s and other freedom-chasers, who want to give and live big. Now.

In everything we do, we do it with style, creativity, pleasure, genuine optimism and a true sense of adventure. We’ll dial in your mission and messaging, get to the heart of what’s working and what’s not in business and life, define your desires, and draw the unique map to get you there. Then, we’ll amp up your courage and creativity, rewire your brain for freedom, and find every opportunity to enjoy the ride.

Think of me as your ever-loving sister, freedom-focused coach, thinking-partner, and creative collaborator.

Let’s play.


“I freakin’ LOVE, LOVE, LOVE working with Nisha. Every single interaction I have with her leaves me far better off than when I started.
I don’t know how I could possibly narrow down her excellence into a few sentences, so here are 5 of the top reasons I think Nisha’s beyond epic, in no particular order:

1. She has the best blend of intuitive + practical advice 2. The best way I can explain Nisha’s energy is “sparkling clean from a place of love”. 3. Nisha really walks her talk. 4. She is a master at freedom – both internally and externally. 5. Nisha overdelivers like crazy I can’t recommend Nisha highly enough.”

Rachel Rofé | Better Life Strategist RachelRofe.com

“Here’s the straight truth – if you need a highly creative, out-of-the-box thinking, fiercely supportive, dream-lifestyle-building guru all up in your biz — Nisha is your gal. Period. There’s a reason she’s been my business coach for over 2 years now. Believe me — stop thinking about it and take the leap. You won’t regret it.”

Lisa Fabrega | Truth Speaking Coach & Writer

“This experience encouraged me to up my game, re-align myself with my strengths and my mission, and get laser-focused on where me and my business are going TOGETHER. I could have filled many days with my questions and desires, but I feel that we got to EXACTLY what we needed to. It was complete and perfect.”

Theresa Venezia | HealthyVibrantYou.com

“My experience with Nisha was outstanding, enriching and full of expansion. A clear direction as to what steps needed to be taken next that supported me not just in my immediate goals but the big picture. Nisha’s brilliant business sense combined with her feminine intuition got me refocusing on what was important and how to act on it. It also activated a calling to enter into a deeper knowing, accessing and expanding my deepest truth – reminding me of the offerings I have to give to the world!”

Myriam Llano | www.DivineRenewal.com

I’ve enjoyed amazing progress since I started working with Nisha. I launched my first high-end coaching package and sold out — making $30K in a month! I ran my first group coaching program and have a solid plan for scaling that upwards to a 6-figure money-maker. I’ve been interviewed on Entrepreneur on Fire and featured in the Huffington Post. I’m still working just 3 days each week (about 20 hours/week) and enjoying 4-day weekends with my one year old daughter and husband. I hired my first VA and have a new website in the works with a total rebrand that is so much more me!!

Cailen Ascher I Clarity Coach | CailenAscher.com

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Freedom : The Experience

{Also Available by Phone}

After traveling to the San Francisco area, you’ll settle in for a good night’s sleep and meet me after an early breakfast, at my home in Mill Valley (just over the iconic Golden Gate Bridge).

We’ll make some tea and head into the temple, to talk about your deepest desires and grandest visions, and what you feel has held you back. We’ll pick the locks on those things, while I reflect to you the brilliance that I so clearly see. From a foundation of deep clarity, we’ll pull out pens and paper and start mapping things out. Somewhere in there, we’ll do a beautiful ritual in honor of what you’re stepping into.

We’ll have a beautiful lunch together, and come back into the temple to take that clarity to the next level with clear plans and a clear map forward. We’ll head over to a favorite little spa under the redwood trees, to soak and relax, then have a beautiful dinner together and sit by the fire with a hot cup of tea.

You’re welcome to stay overnight at my home (I highly recommend an outdoor bath or shower under the stars!) The following morning, we’ll have breakfast at my house and head out to my local women-only co-working space for a day of co-working, so you can ask me questions throughout the day as you implement on your own.  

Depending on your needs, during our day together we may:
› Identify and honor your unique magic, so we can weave your artistry through your work
› Integrate the parts of you that are missing from your work
› Explore and unwind any worries, fears, and attachments that are preventing flow
› Explore your ideal business model, based on your vision for your life and work
› Craft your core message, tagline & program names
› Design (or re-design) unique offerings that you’ll love to deliver
› Map it all out on a 12-month calendar
› Restructure your schedule so it flows with your true pace

$5000 | Payment options: one payment of $5000 or two payments of $2575 


 We know sometimes traveling is not possible. If this is the case for you, you can opt to do the work outlined above by phone.

2) Virtual Deep Dive – 2 x 3 hour phone sessions
We would cover all the same things as we would in the in-person
deep dive, but spread it out over two 3-hour calls.
|| $3800 or 2 x $1975 (save $150 if you pay in full) 

3) 9 Months of 1-on-1 Coaching – 2 x 3 hour phone sessions at beginning + Monthly 1 hour call for 8 months
We would cover all the same things as we would in the in-person
deep dive, but spread it out over two 3-hour calls. Then, you’d have
my support for 8 additional months as you implement!
|| $10,000 or 10 payments $1167 (save $500 if you pay in full) 

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Soul of Leadership

Embrace your Brilliance.
Expand your Freedom.
Embody your Leadership.

More and more, women are being called into leadership through growing our own companies, rising in organizations, standing in our activism, and leading with love in our parenting and relationships.

This course will guide you in becoming your full, radiant self, so you can lead with depth and wisdom in all that you do.

We embrace and embody twelve soul qualities of leadership, through gathering in community, inner exploration, ritual, and aligned action.

Soul of Leadership is currently closed for enrollment. Sign up below to get updates and to be notified when enrollment is open again.

Devotional Leadership Circle


This 6-month journey is for ambitious and highly-motivated women who are in the business of expanding freedom in the world, while expanding their own sense of freedom and play. We give and live big.
12 women. By application only.

Devotional Leadership Circle is currently closed for enrollment. Sign up below to get updates and to be notified when enrollment is open again.

Soul of Leadership Retreats

Ecstatic Freedom & Embodied Leadership

These one week retreats for just 16 women will be a journey into your heart, to expand your freedom & leadership while living & working in alignment with your values and desires. We’ll gather in sacred circle for ceremony and masterminding, we’ll adventure and play, and you’ll walk away with greater clarity & aliveness.

During our time together, we’ll gather together in the space of safe, supportive and loving sisterhood, to look at our lives and work with a 360° lens. This is an opportunity to explore your desires for your life, relationships, and work in the world, and create the shifts necessary for you to move in alignment with your highest vision. We’ll blend intention with action, for clarity and focus.


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