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“I don’t have enough time” and “I don’t have enough money”
Wash your mouth out with soap, young lady.

This is your life.  Happening now.  Today.
Sometimes we need to have fun. Relax, it will all get done.

By the way, fun makes things flow.
When things flow, they work. tweet it

19 ways to have more fun this week:

1. Make a gift for a friend. Especially if it requires glue. Especially if you don’t have time.

2. Draw a detailed picture of your dream life. Unicorns are acceptable. This book might help if you need an infusion of ‘silly’ to get the juices flowing: Spiritual Doodles + Mental Leapfrogs

3. Eat raspberries off your fingers.

4. Wear impossibly high heels one day and notice how your booty ‘acts different’.  You can carry the flip flops in your purse for the trip home.

5. Play hooky and go to a matinee.

6. Build a fire all by yourself.

7. Write a love letter to that high school boy or girl who broke your heart. Tell them how much you appreciate the lessons you’ve learned. Burn it.

8. Write a poem or love letter to someone who hasn’t felt the depth and breadth of your appreciation lately. Bare your soul. Acknowledge where you’ve failed. Don’t remind them where they’ve failed. Give it to them. Ask nothing in return.

9. Pick a flower and tuck it behind your ear.

10. Knock your To Do list down to things that take 3 minutes or less. Everything else gets scheduled in your calendar. You should be left with a To Do list that will take no more than 30 mins to complete, and a mind that is unburdened by a never ending list of tasks.

11. Cross something off your To Do list *without doing it* (naughty!)

12. Throw a dance party right before bed. In your undies.

13. Eat what you consider to be really healthy food all day, and imagine it nourishing your cells and bringing vibrant, vital energy to your body. Imagine it making you younger and stronger. Make it delicious too, for goodness sake.

14. Call to mind the big thing – THAT thing – that you’ve been avoiding doing. Do it in the next 48 hours. Just start.

15. Eat a piece of fruit like you’re having sex with it. I’m serious.

16. Throw a potluck dinner party for your friends. Laugh until you worry that you might lose your dinner.

17. Watch a child play.

18. Book a trip. We all have somewhere we REALLY want to travel to. Don’t wait to book it. Put it in your calendar today. The money and scheduling and whatnot will work out, when you’ve decided it’s happening.

19. Hold hands with someone while you walk down the street and notice how good it feels. Your partner. Your lover. Your sister. Your friend. Your father.