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We hear things every day that we don’t really hear.  

The words hit our ears, and we robotically go on with our days, as if nothing beautiful just occurred.

But when we draw the nectar out of each moment, really listening into the soul of words, there are countless moments each day to receive the beauty that’s on offer. {tweet}

Take a moment to meditate on these everyday phrases and allow them to permeate your senses.  Feel them.  Then, go out into your day – really hear what’s being said, and feel the meaning behind your own words.  Even if others are speaking robotically, when you receive their words as beauty, you receive them with love, which softens everyone.  What a gift.

Discover the hidden beauty in these 7 everyday phrases:

Have a wonderful day.

The dictionary defines wonder as “a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.”  Wonder-full.  You are being wished a day full of wonder.

Take your time.

Time – it’s yours.  Take what you need and do things at your own pace.  No rush, no hurry.   Take a deep, beautiful breath and take…your…time…

Enjoy the ride.

Enjoy: from Old French enjoier ‘give joy to’ or enjoïr ‘enjoy,’ both based on Latin gaudere ‘rejoice.’  Rejoice in the journey.  Savor each moment.

Stop and smell the roses.

When you’re outside today and you see some flowers, stop and smell them.  If you can’t spare the extra minute, or don’t see the point, then I dare say you’re the one who most needs it most.

Thank you.

Imagine that someone is looking into your eyes and saying a heartfelt “Thank you, I am so grateful for your time and attention.”  Now the next time you hear “thank you”, imagine that you’re being sent that kind of heartfelt gratitude, and feel it yourself the next time you say it.

It’s my pleasure.

“Doing this for you?  It’s my pleasure.” Let people take pleasure in helping you. Revel in the beauty of the great cycle of giving and receiving, and the pleasure of both.

I love you.

How precious it is to be loved.


—> In the comments below, share an everyday phrase that holds special meaning to you, so we can gather beauty together…