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I’m curious…

If you were to give 1 gift to the planet, what would it be?

Your answer to that question – why – is the key that unlocks your access to joy, freedom and focus.

Here is a compilation of some questions I received over the last year:

  • “How did you get over your fears to just do it and not care what other people had to say?”
  • “I can’t stop obsessing about food.  How did you do it?”
  • “How do you keep up the fire for your passion once you are into it, committed, and facing the daily sludge of making it happen?”
  • “When you lose faith in yourself and/or what you are doing, what do you do?”
  • “How do you keep motivated?”
  • “How did you overcome the overwhelming feeling starting and running your own business?”
  • “What (or who) inspired you to keep moving forward to discover your true passion and purpose?”

Answer:  Know Your Why

What do you think the world needs?
Why is that important?
What is the ripple effect it creates?
That is your purpose.

Because it’s not just to make money.
It’s not just to be skinny.
It’s not just to have the white picket fence.

And we all know this, but we lose sight of it when we’re struggling.  We obsess about figuring it all out, getting it right, cashing in.

:: deep breath ::


If YOU want that gift in the world, it’s YOUR job to bring it.
Yes, it’s a big responsibility…
but you’re up for it.

My invitation to you:

Each morning, connect to your Why.
That’s it.
Start there.
Stay there.

Want to know my Why?

I want to give the world the gift of freedom.

I want it because I believe that when we feel free, we do amazing things.  We take care of ourselves. We take care of each other.  We love.

…and connecting deeply to our purpose is access to freedom.
…and igniting freedom is access to a deep sense of purpose.

Freedom and purpose are madly in love and it’s our job to nurture that relationship.  TWEET IT

One last thing…

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I’d be honored and thrilled to help you marry purpose & freedom this coming year…