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A few years ago, I (Nisha) talked Sarah’s ear off (a common occurrence, I’m sure she’ll agree), as I weighed the pros and cons of making a big investment in coaching.  Actually, it was a huge investment — the biggest I’d ever made.

I rattled off a laundry list of reasons why I shouldn’t drop this huge investment:

“Sar, I grew up without a lot of money.  This is just too much for me!”
“I could hire a different coach for half this amount.”
“I have so many ideas already that I just need to execute on.”
“This is, like, the equivalent of a down payment on a house, right?”
“I don’t think I’m ready.  Maybe next year.”

Sarah listened patiently, then dropped a beautifully wrapped bomb on me. She said, “Babe, I totally get that this is a stretch for you.  But here’s the thing: this is an investment in YOU, and if you really want to do this, show the universe that you’re worth investing in by giving yourself this gift.”

She was right.  I really did want to do it, but I was letting all my excuses get in the way of making this investment in myself, and I wasn’t allowing myself to see the full picture of what I’d gain from taking the leap.

That’s when it really hit home: Investments in yourself will always reap the greatest rewards. {tweet it}

In a society that encourages us to constantly upgrade our cars and own a gadget for everything, we’re hardly taught the value of making the kind of investments that can never be lost and will never depreciate: investments in ourselves. We fill our houses with stuff, while depriving our souls of nourishment.

I decided to let the universe (and myself) know that I was worth it, and made it happen.  For me, making this investment was the beginning of shifting my entire mindset around abundance and self-worth {things we’ll be delving into in-depth at the LIVE FREE Retreat in Sonoma and had me begin to see myself as a powerful creator.

Here are some of the results in the last few years since I started living like I’m worth it:

–>I’ve more than tripled my income while working half as much.
–>I’ve traveled to nearly 10 new countries.
–>I’ve experienced the most epic romance and adventure of my life.
–>I’ve doubled the cost of my private coaching, and done it with confidence.
–>I’m way happier and my work is way more aligned.

I used to think that I’d invest in myself after I had the money and time to justify it, but I came to realize that there was always something else I could spend the money on. This wasn’t about budgeting as much as it was about prioritizing myself — my happiness, well-being, freedom and success. Making the investment in myself had me feel more confident, worthy and valued, which reflected in the way that others saw me and increased my ability to earn.

Sometimes making the leap to invest in yourself is scary, but when you really want it, it’s always worth it.  At LIVE FREE Sonoma, we’re filling the room with 100+ courageous women who chose to make that leap and will undoubtedly reap the rewards: the lifestyle, body and success they’ve always wanted.

Taking that leap is 80% of the work.  Once you’re there, we give you the practical strategies, mindset-shifts, and actual experiences to help cement the teachings into your being.  You’ll walk through life as a woman who knows she’s worth it.

The registration for LIVE FREE Sonoma is currently open and we have already filled over 60 spaces.  If you know you want it, now’s the time to give yourself this gift by registering here: LIVE FREE Retreat RSVP

We hope you can join us.  We’d just love to get to know you during this intimate event this fall.


Nisha (and Sarah)