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A few weeks ago, I was sitting at dinner with a close girlfriend who is also a very accomplished entrepreneur.  We were getting caught up on life, love and work, and she was sharing with me all that she had been up to in the past several months. When we circled around to her work, she shared…

“I am just so tired, Nisha.  I feel like all I do is work, and I’m completely burnt-out and exhausted.”

I could see the exhaustion in her eyes.  Me: When was the last time you took a weekend off? Her: I can’t remember.  Me: How often do you just power off your phone and go play?  Her:I don’t, really.  She’d done what so many ambitious women do: She had learned over the years how to infuse more self-care into her busy schedule, but never really took enough time to rest and play.   Her self-care was starting to feel shallow, and I could see that she desperately needed to practice the art of self-care in a deeper way.

While we were talking, I shared with my friend, “When I became single, I found myself slipping back into old habits.  While I never slipped back to my worst behaviors, I started working longer hours and keeping my phone on through weekends more often than not.  I started sleeping less and falling asleep watching movies.  I started eating more plainly, because I was uninspired to cook for one.  I realized that I was behaving like I was waiting for a reason to truly live.”  I shared my prescription with her:

Treat every moment as if you were spending it with your love…because you are.  It’s you. {tweet it}

When I started behaving like my Love was by my side all the time, I went to bed early and read poetry, I cooked gorgeous food, and spent more time playing outside with friends.  I was more efficient and productive at work, so I could wrap up in time for an adventure.  Self-love in action.

reason to live

Clockwise from top left: A dance performance at a night out with friends; Quiet mornings at my altar; A cozy evening with myself; Taking time to snuggle with the pup.

Have you been waiting for a reason to live?

I know it can be tempting to buy into the idea that things will be different when you’ve finished the next launch, emptied out your inbox, fallen in love, made a bit more money…  It can be tempting to believe that those things will enable us to live the lives we yearn to be living.  But the truth is:

Your life is happening now, and it’s your honor and responsibility to live it. {tweet it}

There is no way that you can do your great work in the world, inspire others to live extraordinary lives, feel healthy and grounded, and wake up feeling empowered and inspired, if you’re waiting.


Take a moment and write a short list of the things you’d do if you had the [time, money, relationship, body] you’ve been waiting for, and start doing them.  It’s the small daily decisions – from choosing a different outfit, to focusing more intently at work so we can go play when we’re done, to making a beautiful breakfast – that make a massive difference in our quality of life.

It’s time to be your own reason to live. 

—> In the comments below, share with us some of the ways that “waiting” shows up in your day-to-day, and what you’re going to do to change it, starting today.