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We’re going to try something new here, people: FREEDOM FRIDAY

Yes I love word nerdery and yes I love alliteration, but it’s really because I dig the power of Fridays…

> I love the bright, anticipatory energy.
> I love the promise of s p a c e  the weekend provides.
> I love the opportunity for deep, clear reflection.

And yet, I’ve been told to absolutely not email on Fridays: “your open rates will plummet” & “people are less engaged on Fridays.”

Meh. I’ve never been too good at following rules. My reasons are better, anyways.

So without further ado, a story about Fridays…

I am a master at fakethroughs. A week ago, I had long chat with my lady friend, Danielle LaPorte.

I was jamming about a recent existential crisis (more on that soon), my desire to serve in a deeper way and my propensity towards birthing too many idea babies. I’ve needed to retreat. I’ve felt a tad…confused.

Danielle asked, “Why the confusion?”

I stopped. Took a big, deep breath. Got quiet and honest and clear.

“When I feel pressured — either internally or externally — to hurry-up-and-figure-it-out, I can really easily have fake breakthroughs. Fakethroughs.”

The Anatomy of a Fakethrough:

How it occurs:
Something “makes sense” to you. You leave your body, and the lightbulb pops up above your head. “Aha!”

The problem:
You understand it but you don’t feel it. Your head gets it; your heart doesn’t.

The result:
As soon as you’re alone, quiet and reflective, you feel confused. And the cycle continues.

Breakthroughs are only breakthroughs if they’re felt. “Getting it” isn’t enough.< tweet it >

I don’t know about you, but I’m an AWESOME hustler. I can create-create-create with the best of ’em. But without really deeply feeling what we want, we can end up creating something we don’t want.
> a relationship we don’t want
> a business we don’t want
> a lifestyle we don’t want

I’m sick of fakethroughs. I don’t want to “get it”. I want to know in my bones, then go out there and create precisely what I desire.


Today and this weekend, I invite you to marinate.

In the ocean of your life, I want you to flip onto your back, look up at the sky, and float in gentle inquiry. Reflect honestly and deeply on the following questions and for goodness sake, don’t worry about figuring-it-out:

1. Where in my life am I unclear + confused?
2. What do I desire?

I invite you to share your insights with a woman in your life, or in the comments below.

Sisterhood nourishes freedom.