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“Life is happening now, not after 6-figures”

This is my most viral quote ever.
{In fact, if you like it you can tweet it here}

This musing of mine, in its unexpected popularity, has me
thinking a lot about what seems to be everywhere lately:
the all-consuming quest for cash.

For years, I too was chasing the holy grail: 6-figures

I was sure that if I made more money, I’d have more time.
I’d be happier, because I’d be ‘successful’ and not stress rent.
I’d be healthier, because I’d be able to buy the fancy goji berries.
I’d have better relationships, because my mind would be calm.
I’d help more people, because my foundation would be solid.
Life would be better.

…because there was no question that being broke had me mis-er-a-ble…
Until I realized that it wasn’t. It wasn’t being broke that had me miserable,
it was the fact that I was waiting to make money so I could love my life.

Now don’t get me wrong – I like money!
I like decadent dinners,
I like travel,
I like shoes.

But what’s it all worth if I’m not enjoying my life now?
I mean, when is life happening….?

Money’s not the total solution, but it’s also not the problem. The problem is that we take our eyes off the real prize: FREEDOM

Choosing freedom means looking at your lifestyle  – at your happiness –
to determine your success, not just the bank account. [ie. Is your life fun
or sucky?]  It sounds obvious, but be honest – are you really living it?

The 5 Currencies of Freedom:


Does your schedule afford you the flexibility to have a life? Are you spending time with the people you love, doing things you love? Do you decide how your days look? Who does your time belong to?


Deep in your bones, do you feel the artist in you? Do you let your body dance and sing and draw and laugh? Do you eat food that is beautiful and delightful? Do you feel called to create, to birth things into the world? Do you birth them?


Can you be where you want to be, when you choose? Do you see the places you want to see now, not waiting for ‘retirement’? Can you do your good work anywhere? Are you caged or free-range?


Do you feel [truly] secure in your ability to generate what you want, when you want it? Do you have what you need to have the life that you want (which may or may not include Louboutin’s or a white picket fence)? Do you stress about cash flow, or is it flowing?


Is your body showing you symptoms of health and vitality? Do your eyes shine? Do you feel strong and happy and flirtatious? Does your work leave you MORE able to do MORE?

And the soul of freedom…PURPOSE…

Are you deeply connected to the bigger picture, the “why”? In other words, if you were to leave any gift with the planet, what would it be and why would it matter? Does your work express your purpose?

This week, ask yourself these important questions.

Be on the quest for freedom.