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Clearing Out the Cobwebs & Dancing with Devotion

Last year was everything. There were times that I felt like I was bumping up against my capacity to receive…so much beauty, so much grace, so much joy and pleasure. There were times where I felt so much pain, I couldn’t conceive of how I’d deal with it again, should life ask me to.

This year is a welcomed shift. I feel like I’m clearing out the cobwebs and dancing with devotion. I feel more capacity for all of it. I feel proud of the woman I’ve been, the woman I am, and the woman I’m becoming. I’m caring less about what people think and caring more about my health and overall sense of wellbeing. I’m caring less about being perfect and more about deep satisfaction. I feel welcoming of whatever I need to experience, and clearer about what I want. I feel more willing and able to hold deep love with intention, receptivity, spaciousness, and freedom. Less attachment to it looking a certain way.

What shifts are you feeling? What are you noticing and embracing? Would love to hear in the comments below…



  1. feeling a shift toward bigger entrepreneurship- it is happening this year

  2. 2016 is all about learning how to navigate the personal axis that has shifted in my life. I feel like I am on the edge of something great, grand, all encompassing. It is hard for me to not keep wondering what I am on the edge of and participate in this process of personal development. I feel like a baloon that is being blown up; my power is rising within me like a dawn. This year is about relishing in the process instead of the result. I want the process to be what it needs to be and I want to take it all in. Right now I am gathering tools, and really hunting down a tribe of women who inspire me and spur me on. I have a powerhouse of women already who I love and cherish and meet with regularly. I also see women, like yourself, who seem more expanded that I am and further into the process. I am hoping that in participating in sessions like the one you have next week will give me more tools for my own process which is really unavoidable at this point if I want to expand, grown, and connect with my power. 2016 is the year of process, the year of being present, and the year of opening to my personal dawn.

  3. Nisha, You beautiful goddess you! I so resonate with every single word of your post. 2015 was like that for me, as you may know. And 2016? Time will tell. From what I sense so far, I’m feeling a clearer focus on myself in a tender way. While my purpose is always how to help more people–with perhaps more in my own life to navigate this year, I’m also letting go of what doesn’t need to be there. It’s freeing and allows for more self-care and inner work, key, just as are linking arms with those bright shining sisters of support. All my love for 2016. May you create everything you desire. “Nothing is set in stone, Everything is up for our most outrageous imaginations,” (Miriam Dyak).

  4. I feel this too! I feel WAY more focused and peaceful moving into 2016. There is still so much to work through and settle, but I do feel the fog has lifted and I’ve cleared out the cobwebs in my business and my life…it feels really GOOD. Thank you, Nisha, for your part in my journey. Love you, sister!

  5. Feeling the big whoosh of this new moon opening the door to creation of my dreams.

  6. My inability to receive “well” has been has been popping up all over the place lately. It’s time to let down the guards, so all the love, beauty, grace, joy and pleasure can flow on in. (Want an exhilarating rush? …Just contemplate what that will feel like for a moment!)


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