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A few days ago, I was doing my daily check-in on my Facebook groups, and in one of the groups I lead, someone had posted a video: ‘Color For the Colorblind’

I clicked through and watched, and what I saw brought me to tears: Colorblind people seeing the full spectrum of color for the first time.

I imagined what it must be like to look through  someone else’s lens – to see the technicolor brilliance and beauty with which they see the world – only to then take the glasses off, and go back to your more dull way of seeing life.

I realized I didn’t have to stretch my imagination that far…in a way, I used to be colorblind.

I remember the first time I felt my calm heartbeat.
I was lying in savasana at the end of yoga class, mind quiet, soul fully inhabiting body.  And all of the sudden, there she was: my heart.  Between slow, calm breaths, I could feel her beating in my chest.  I could feel the direction my blood was pumping from my heart, and then I could feel the flow of blood through my entire body.  I felt tears welling up, but didn’t dare cry, because I didn’t want to lose the moment.  So I softened, and listened…

I remember the first time I heard a bird in the middle of a busy city.
I was walking through downtown Vancouver, traffic noisily whizzing by in every direction around me.  I could feel the buzz of the city; it was harsh and electric.  I closed my eyes for a few moments and listened as fully as I could, taking in all the sound around me, and I heard a bird chirping.  I opened my eyes and looked up to a tree near me, where a small bird sat, singing.  I walked to the tree and took in the birdsong for a few minutes, grateful for this small moment…

I remember the first time I decided to NOT wear yoga clothes (or pajamas) while working.
I had been feeling so dull and uninspired in my work, and felt like I was in a bottomless rut with no escape in sight.  I was struggling through everything – my to-do list, my exhaustion, my boredom, my lack of creativity.  Nothing was flowing.  I couldn’t think of anything to write about, I felt totally overwhelmed by my schedule, and I ended every day feeling exhausted and unaccomplished.  Then, one day I decided to start things off differently.  I got a good sleep, woke up early, and put on an outfit I’d wear on a date instead of to the laundromat.  And BOOM – instant inspiration.  I felt sexier, more creative, smarter, richer.  Such a small act that made such a huge difference…

Before and in-between all of these moments, I’ve had moments of colorblindness – moments when life, through my eyes, looked a little dull, bleak, boring.  And in those times of colorblindness, there was nothing I could do to make things “work”.

Creating a beautiful life and experiencing a sense of deep contentment felt like a daily struggle, because I wasn’t drinking the beauty and joy out of life’s little moments.

It’s easy to get caught up in all the myriad things we need to check off the list each day.  Get dressed; get kids dressed; eat; run out the door; face an overwhelmingly long to-do list and an overwhelming avalanche of an inbox; feel guilty about all the things we know we “should” be doing, but can’t possibly get to because there’s so much we have to do; fall asleep staring at the phone or TV, already feeling anxious about tomorrow but swearing we’ll try a little harder and do a little better…

But really, feeling like life is beautiful is not about life being perfect.  It’s about looking at life through a lens of beauty.

It’s about savoring life’s little things, and collecting those moments to weave a tapestry of inspiration.

Oh, and here’s that video (it’s an ad, but it’s still touching).  Grab your tissue box…