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Wise Future Self


“What do you think I should do?”
“I feel so confused.”
“I guess I should sit with this.”
“I just don’t know.”

Confusion is my kryptonite.

Everyone has challenging default states of being: some anger easily, others get sad, some disconnect emotionally, some – like me – get confused.

Confusion is my way of escaping from the present.  I want something and I can’t put my finger on it.  Or perhaps I’m actually afraid to see or claim it, because the pain of not having it seems too much to bear.  This is so common for us – the pain of desire, the ache of wanting and not having, the frustration of confusion.

And if you default to confusion at times, like me, you may be finding yourself asking for a lot of advice.  At times, I’ve found myself consulting my mom, my best friends, my boyfriend, the Goddess Cards, the reflexologist, the Akashic records, the intuitive coach, the therapist, the business coach, and the florist…all while looking for ‘signs’ from the universe.

And all these people and tools may be perfectly wonderful.
And none of them replace the wisdom of my heart.

Be mindful of your search for advice. When we ask for advice, hoping someone will tell us what to do but feeling disconnected from our own heart’s desire, we set ourselves up for even deeper disconnection.  The hunt for advice only throws gasoline on the fire of uncertainty, creating an inferno of confusion.

Instead, when we seek support to hear our heart, clarity arises.  From there, we can receive guidance and how-to’s that feel grounded, helpful and heart-led.

The only way to know is to listen in. {tweet it}

The truth is, feeling into the space between our future vision and our experience of today can create an ache in our hearts.  It can hurt to want and not have.  At times, sitting with that ache can be excruciating.  But know that your willingness to do so, listening in to the guidance of your heart, will lead to heightened clarity, faster.


› Share your desires in sisterhood.  Talk about your vision for the future and any confusion you feel.  If you want support, be specific that you’d love some guidance back to your desires.  Ask them to hold your vision for you.  Hold theirs.

› Create space in the morning.  Before you touch your electronics, give yourself even just 2 minutes to say a sweet and grateful “hello” to your heart. Ask her, gently, if she has anything to share with you.  Listen.

› Take time away from tech.  Take the weekend off from your computer, TV and phone, and just be in the world.  Appreciate the beauty of the world around you, and allow yourself to slow down and soften in.

› Eat slowly.  Treat eating as a meditation and take your time to chew, savor and digest your food.  When your parasympathetic nervous system is awakened, you feel more calm, grounded and connected.  Hearing your heart will be easier.

› Stop trying to figure it out.  Because trying harder isn’t working.  Try easier.

—> In the comments below, share how you listen in to your heart, and what this post is inspiring in you