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Wise Future Self


2 weeks ago, I vacationed in Hawaii with my friends Danielle LaPorte and Kate Northrup, along with the rest of our small pod of happy humans.
We swam with dolphins.
We cooked.
We meditated.
We laughed.
We celebrated.
I intentionally brought back wisdom to the women in my Mastermind.

A few hours ago, I hugged my assistant goodbye at the airport, after flying her to New York for her first time ever.

Writing this, I’m 30,000 feet in the sky: Tokyo > Kyoto > Okinawa.
I’ll picnic under cherry blossom trees.
I’ll eat enough sushi to last me 5 years.
I’ll dance.
I’ll pray.
I’ll write.

I’ve hit my most recent benchmark of freedom:
Travel where I want, when I want, while creating more freedom for others.

Why is this so important to me?
Not-so-many years ago, my dear Grandmother died and one of my best friends got married.  I missed the funeral and I missed the wedding.

Why?  Not enough time and money.

Sitting on my bed bawling amidst a puddle of tissues, while my family was hugging one another and mourning together… And then again, walking down the street with my sunglasses on, tears streaming down my cheeks as I looked at the photo in my inbox of my 3 best friends all dressed up at Heather’s wedding…

I vowed to myself to reach a new benchmark of freedom: 
Visit my family and friends whenever I want, while creating more freedom for others.

After I reached the family thing, while creating more freedom for my clients, I decided I needed a new benchmark of freedom. I was craving doing more retreats with women.  I was craving the work; I was craving the sisterhood.

I crafted a new benchmark of freedom: 
Get paid to eat fresh papaya in the winter, while creating more freedom for others.

After an incredible week in Costa Rica with 12 brilliant women, I launched a long-term group experience that included more retreats.  And when that was a success, I did it again.  It worked.

Every time I set a new benchmark of freedom that’s grounded in a key experience I want to have, while creating more goodness for others, it works.

My new benchmark of freedom: 

Sleeping with no alarm clock, while creating more freedom for others.
I’ll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, it’s your turn…


What are you “tolerating” or “putting up with” in your life?
What is your new benchmark of freedom?
What can you do now, to have that today?

Your freedom is yours.

You get to define what it feels like.

Just choose it.