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Everywhere I look there seems to be a New Years Resolution revolt happening.  Apparently we hate them!

I’ve read about 15 blog posts today, and I’d say about 10 of them were on a “down with resolutions” rant. And I get it.

We suck at keeping promises to ourselves, so why set ourselves up for disappointment?

But…I actually like New Years Resolutions (gasp!)
With 2 conditions:

1. Nothing is seen as “wrong” with the way things are right now (or it just won’t stick).

2. I actually mean it.  I make a promise, then line my actions, calendar and cashola up behind it.

Here are my two New Years Resolutions:

Live on Purpose

1. I will use my one precious life to be of highest service to others, and in service of my deepest desires.
2.  I will choose my words, actions, outfits and meals with care and attention.
3. I will have more fun than I previously thought was legal.
4. I will be honest with myself.
5. I will let all of me be seen by the world. I’m more interesting as a whole person, anyways. {p.s. so are YOU}

Ask not what the world needs.
Ask what makes you come alive,
and go do it. What the world needs
is people who have come alive.

– Howard Thurman

Spin Practical Magic

1. As my girl Gabby Bernstein says, I will expect miracles.  Like, really.
2. I will refuse to believe that something is not possible for me, for you, for us. I’ve seen too many amazing things to buy it.
3. I will help us find ways to make deep impact and have wild fun.  Promise.
4. I will be bold and practice what I preach. Everyday.  Even if I’m not in the mood.
5. I will experience myself having what it is that I want and then I will plan for it.

Cool + trippy story:
A few weeks back, I said to someone,
“I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii”.
As I heard myself say it, I saw myself
there and promised to plan a trip this year.
Within 2 hours, I received a message
from my dear Danielle LaPorte inviting
me to Hawaii this Spring.
Hello, Manifestation!

How will I know if I’m succeeding? (we need measurables, people!)

1. Am I excited?
Every evening, I will ask myself this. YES gets a checkmark on the calendar, NO gets an X.  If I have 22 YES days in 1 month, I’m on track.  Why?

I feel best, most alive, happiest and most useful when I’m riding my creative edge. Excitement is my barometer of that.

2. Am I doing what I said?
When I’m in the flow, as they say, I am a scheduling ninja and a executing wunderkid

I say what I’ll do, by when, and I handle it. So if I’m not, something’s funky and I know I need to get myself back on my creative edge and realign cash and calendar

My big, audacious Q’s for you:

* What is a promise you can make to yourself and keep this year?
* How will you measure success?

Here’s to a bold + brilliant one.