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It all starts with gratitude

A few months ago, I had a call with a client who was spiraling in despair.  She felt like no matter what she tried – for years and years – she was always two steps forward, one step back in her business.  She had incredible ambition, incredible drive, and incredible resilience. But she was burnt-out and ready to finally crack the code on how to add some ease to all that hustle.

We talked about her relationship with money and some tactical business strategies, and a month later she was bursting at the seams to let me know that she’d had five 5-figure weeks in a row, bringing in $50,000 in one month. There was no big product launch, no special publicity, and no get-rich-quick scheme.

“So, what did you do?”  I asked.

“I wrote Thank You cards each morning.”

Yes, she had calls with prospective clients and signed them up, yes she kept writing her usual articles and posting on social media, but the thing  she changed – that changed everything – was gratitude.  And she didn’t do it to gain anything.  Gratitude for gratitude’s sake.

When we’re grateful for what we already have – not to gain something from being grateful – abundance flows. {tweet it}

Why?  Because we finally open our eyes to how blessed we truly are; even in the midst of challenges in the world and in our lives, there is also so much goodness.  This isn’t about “thinking happy thoughts” or ignoring the reality of life’s challenges, it’s about widening our focus to add thanks.

I know that adding gratitude is not a revolutionary concept.  Your mama’s been telling you to say “Thank You” since before you could say “mine!”  But let’s stop talking about saying thank you and actually say it.


Let me know in the comments — when you sit down to write that 1st Thank You card, what will you be most grateful for?


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