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The Sister of Achievement is Appreciation.

We want to achieve great things, and yet…

Sometimes we get lost in all there is to do.
Sometimes we forget to breathe deeply and our breath waits in our chest.
Sometimes we feel stuck in sadness.

Sometimes we lose sight of all the Love.
And yes, there is so much Love.
There are so many who love us…

They share wisdom and kindness and unending patience.
They really will pick up the phone, or call you back.
They send emails that we are happy to open.

They cheerlead.
They encourage.
They tell it to us straight.

Yes, the Sister of Achievement is Appreciation.

Who helps you win?
Who do you appreciate?


Here are 7 people to thank:

The Parents:
You know, those people who MADE you.
The ones who made it possible to breathe.
They desperately want to know you’re ok,
and in some way you really are.  Tell them.
And for goodness sake, don’t remind them
of how they f____d you up.  Thanks will do.
If they’re no longer near, light a candle and
celebrate your life, in honor of them.

The Mentor:
Someone, somewhere, calls you to step up.
They invite you a big, big life.  Like, BIG.
You get the eerie feeling that they see you
even bigger than you can imagine yourself.
They’ve said things like, “don’t give up”
and “I believe in you”
and “you’re going the wrong way”.
They’ll do it with no thanks.
Thank them anyhow.

The Writer:
They may have no idea you exist, but there
was that thing that they wrote that you keep
telling your friends.  That thing that touched
your soul and changed everything.  That thing
that made your life shift direction.  I don’t care
how big and famous they may be, just tell ’em.
All it takes is a tweet.  Do it for the sheer
pleasure of sending some love back.

The Muse:
There is a person who reminds you why you
wake up every morning and do what you do.
Your baby?  A client? Your neighbor?
Someone you ache for and adore and
want to see happy.  You want their win.
Tell them your world is better because
they exist.  Because it is.
See them as your savior.

The Bestie:
The first person you wanted to call when
you the date went well.  The first person
you wanted to call when the date went bad.
The one you held hands with on the
playground.  The one you drafted your
business plan with.  The one who held your
baby while you had a shower.  All of them.
One of them.  Someone.

The Worker:
They’ll be picking up trash at your train station,
operating the train, handing you almond milk,
taking your order, awkwardly explaining that
weird “service charge” on your phone bill,
delivering your mail in the cold.
Go ahead, make their day.

The Lover:
They’ve kissed your tears.  They’ve loved you,
in their way.  They’ve twisted your words,
your heart and your mind.  They’ve infuriated
you and delivered you to ecstasy.  At one time
or another, they gave you the confidence to
sway your booty a little more and the audacity
to think that your love is the “greatest love”.
Bless them.

Will you reach out to say “Thank You” before the day is done?

>write a card
>send a poem
>give hugs
>post to them on Facebook
>show up with a pie
>just smile and say “thanks”

What might you achieve if you were even more thankful?

Don’t answer that.
Just go find out.

Gratitude is good.