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When I ask women what holds them back from stepping into the next level in their businesses or lives, it often boils down to 2 things: a lack of clarity and/or confidence.

On the one hand, we may feel unclear about what steps to take so we feel completely stuck and unable to move forward at all. The more we stall, or spin our wheels doing things that aren’t working, the more we feel crappy about ourselves. Confidence takes a nose dive.

On the other hand, we may feel a lack of confidence in ourselves — we question our ability to serve, our readiness, and whether people will take us seriously. All of this self-doubt can lead us to unconsciously sabotage our efforts, because we’re trapped in questioning. Clarity dies.

This is the funny (or not so funny) relationship between clarity and confidence. A lack of clarity can badly bruise our confidence, and a lack of confidence can usurp our clarity.

If you’re working towards a goal — whether it be to build a business, live in a body you love, take an epic trip, or get your money in order — it’s critical that you choose a path that supports both your confidence and clarity. You need support to take the steps, while healing your relationship with the thing you’ve been struggling with (even if the thing you struggle with most is you)

Today, I’ve carefully selected some things I want to share with you because I absolutely, truly believe that they provide world-class support in finding the clarity you need to uplevel your life, while nourishing your soul and boosting your confidence.

For your business:
I am honored to share my dear friends Stacey Morgenstern and Carey Peters’ program, Holistic MBA’s Core Training. In this course, they give you the step-by-step for building your holistic business sustainably and with heart. Check it out. These women — and their work — is incredible.

For your body:
So many women stop themselves from living life because they’re stuck in body jail. One of my best friends and a true champion for women’s aliveness and self-expression, Sarah Jenks, has created an amazing video training series called Live More Weigh Less. Check out her free videos now. You’ll fall in love…with her and with yourself.

For your bank account:
This week, my dear friend Kate Northrup came out with her brilliant book, Money: A Love Story. I truly believe that the world needs more healthy relationships, including our relationship with money. Check out my money love story here.