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Guest post by Sarah Jenks

I’m so excited to be babysitting Nisha’s blog today! You remember when you had a babysitter that showed up to your house with a special bag of toys, tricks and games, Mary Poppins style? And you were so frickin’ pumped? That’s what I’ve got for you.

I spent most of my adult life thinking that my life would be more fun when I lost weight.

I’d be able to shop wherever I wanted, have the confidence to flirt, go out more, play intramural sports, go to museums, sit at cafes without worrying that people were judging me, have sex without panicking about my stomach hanging out, be able to enjoy dinners with my girlfriends without the menu giving me anxiety, and I would finally be able to eat anything I wanted.

All I wanted was to have fun, but I had to wait till I was thin.

So my life was pretty boring. I’d hit snooze 3 times, rush to work, slug through the day, come home, put on sweatpants, eat dinner, watch TV, pick a fight with my boyfriend, go to sleep. Repeat.

BUT I was trying really hard to lose weight, so I thought that eventually all my misery and boredom would lead to a fun, fabulous life.

Not so much. I was so unfulfilled, that food was my only source of happiness, excitement, relaxation, love and comfort. Everyday I would wake up vowing to only consume 1200 calories of vegetables and lean protein, and every night I would go to sleep bloated with 3000 calories of crap in my belly.

Then I hit my breaking point, which came in the form of eating an entire bag of Dove Chocolate Promises on the third day of my seven day juice cleanse while hiding in the supply closet at work, and I realized that if this dieting thing was gonna work, it would’ve worked by now.

So I decided to skip the weight loss part.  If I was going to be stuck in this body forever, I might as well get used to it and have some fun. And fun I had.

After just a few weeks, I felt like I thought I was going to when I was a size 2, even though I was a twelve. And over the next year, without counting calories or going to the gym, I lost 30 pounds.

So I want to know, what do you really want? And what do you think you need to do first in order to have that thing?

If you are craving a fun, fulfilling and adventurous life, nothing is going to create that except just getting your butt out there and having fun!

Here’s what I do for fun, to help loosen up your imagination:

I go hiking, I sing at the top of my lungs, I plan beautiful dates, I get dressed everyday, I go on road trips, I go wine tasting, I talk with my girlfriends for hours, I braid my hair, I plan picnics, I go to the beach, I draw a picture, I have movie night, I get massages, I play with puppies, I write, I dance in the kitchen, I dance in dance class, I dance at a club, I go out to the best restaurants, I play dress up, I hang with my family, I pray, I ask embarrassing/meaningful questions, I throw dinner parties….

I know all these things seems frivolous, selfish or a waste of time, but without fun, I’m a mess.

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Fun is fuel and it is medicine – without it life just doesn’t work. {tweet it}

It keeps me healthy, happy, abundant, creative, focused and clear. Without it my body, my relationships and my business just wouldn’t work.

In the comments below I want to know: how has fun been your medicine? And how are you going to add more fun into your life?

I can’t wait to hear what you’ve got up your sleeve.


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