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When I hear myself or someone else say “times are changing”, I laugh a little, because what is time if not change?  Everything is new. Nothing stays the same.

But when it comes to our ideas about the “rules” – in dieting, dating, marketing, or otherwise – we can easily believe that “some things will never change”.  We live by rules that weren’t even ours in the first place, without ever questioning whether or not they’re true for us now:

“Play hard to get if you want his attention”
or “Be up-front about your desires.

“A low-fat diet will help you lose weight”
or “A high-fat, low-carb diet will help you lose weight”

“People only buy weight-loss, relationship, and business coaching”
or “Be authentic and people will want what you’re selling”

Success demands flexibility.

Times are indeed changing and the rules that we were living by yesterday don’t necessarily apply today.  If we rigidly adhere to old rules, rather than being present to what’s true for us now and adjusting accordingly, we become brittle and therefore fragile.  Truly, success demands our flexibility.  It calls us to adapt, pivot, and put our pride aside, in service of success for all.

A personal story…

A few weeks ago, when I opened enrollment for my Freedom Mastermind, I gave an application deadline.  And the applications rolled in – enough applications to completely fill both retreats (Costa Rica and New Mexico).  A lot of women had been “excitedly waiting for years”, and “looking for this exact kind of experience!”…and several women said “I just need a bit more time” and “I want to be sure this is the right next move for me”.  There were a lot of questions.

I was surprised by all of the questions.  In the past, when I’ve opened the doors to the Freedom Mastermind, I’ve had more applications than I knew what to do with, and filled the program with relative ease and few questions.  Every year has been a success, and in 2014, 94% of my 2013 women signed up for another year.  Easy peasy.  I wondered what had changed…

So I sat back.  I know myself and I knew that if I jumped to conclusions right away, they’d be driven by my emotions, rather than logic and intuition.  I gave myself a week to draw no conclusions while I listened and payed attention.  I knew something beautiful was unfolding…

Here’s what I noticed: What seems to be true in my world right now, is that the people I know and love (you) have seen and bought so much – online courses, trainings, and blueprints – that you are being more careful and thoughtful about where you spend your time and money.  You are more sensitive to BS and more mindful about working with people who are speaking truths and truly walking their talk.   You are more intent on spending your money and time in a way that’s aligned.  And you’re willing to take your time to be sure.

Thank goodness.
Thank you for not buying bull$hit.
We are all learning.

Understanding this change in the times, I realized that I need to shift to meet you.  More time.  More space. More clarity around the value of the experience.


1. Notice
When things aren’t flowing as easily as they could, notice what’s so.  What are the patterns, questions and desires you’re seeing, within yourself and others?  What’s going on in the world, from an energetic, physical, and political perspective?  What time of year is it, and how is that contributing?  Just notice.

2. Discern
For me, discernment happens in my mind, and gets fact-checked by my heart – the home of my knowing.  Beyond stories of right and wrong, what feels true?  What do you most deeply sense is happening?  If you can’t discern, which is absolutely fine, ask a few trusted friends.  Talk it out and get to the heart of the matter.

3. Adjust
Change, because time is.  It doesn’t serve everyone when we are so stubborn and rigid that we’re unwilling to shift in service of what’s real.  So be big.  Make adjustments.  Success requires flexibility.


—> In the comments below, share what you’re noticing in your life and work and how you’re adjusting. Thank you for being here.



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