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My mentor, Bryan Franklin, once defined sustainability as:
Doing things in such a way that leaves you more able to continue doing them.

I agree.

: Entering love with a guarded heart doesn’t allow us to deepen the love.
: Ignoring our finances doesn’t enable us to experience abundance.
: Hating our bodies doesn’t create space for having a body we love.
: Working 24/7 doesn’t allow us to keep supporting the cause.

Sustainability and satisfaction are inextricably linked.
Without satisfaction in life, there is no sustainability.
Without sustainability, there is no satisfaction.

Without sustainability and satisfaction, there is no success. It can be no other way.
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In just a few days, I’ll be launching my 2013 Mastermind for change-making women. In that program, I focus on what will create the MOST sustainability and satisfaction in their lives now, so they can experience the success they crave (and yes, we look at “success” in terms of loving, living and giving well…not just money).

I’ll be switching a few things up in 2013:
– Fewer mentors, but more time and depth with each one (smarties like Danielle LaPorte and Tim Ferriss).
– An additional retreat, co-led by my brilliant friend Sarah Jenks.
– Additional coaching with me.
– Still fantastic, but different gifts. (like this —> sneak peek).

Stay tuned for the big announcement next week!

Being The Week of Giving Thanks, I want to take a moment to thank the women whose brilliant hearts and minds created expanded sustainability, satisfaction and success for the women in my 2012 Mastermind.  Pay attention to these women; I curated this group of dynamos who are changing the world in a major way. These are not affiliate links; just straight-to-the-site goodness.

In the comments below, share the names and websites of the women who have changed your world in 2012.  Let’s celebrate women’s brilliance!

Ane Axford : Sensitive Leadership Coach

KC Baker : Women’s Public Speaking Coach

Gabby Bernstein : Author, Add More ~ing & Spirit Junkie & May Cause Miracles

Terri Cole : Transformation Coach & Psychotherapist

Liz DiAlto : Fitness & Lifestyle Coach

Kristen Domingue : Brand & Style Coach

Lisa Fabrega : Detox Expert & Truth Speaker

Rainbow Geffner : Sexuality Coach

Tara Gentile : Author, The Art of Earning

Ariana Hall : Authentic Public Speaking Coach

Sarah Jenks : Live More, Weigh Less Coach

Jena LaFlamme : Pleasurable Weightloss Coach

Annie Lalla : Love & Relationship Coach

Danielle LaPorte : Author, The Fire Starter Sessions & The Desire Map

Ev’Yan Nasman : Author, Sex Love Liberation

Kate Northrup : Financial Freedom Advocate

Stella Orange : Wordsmith Extraordinnaire

Jessica Ortner : Emotional Freedom Technique Expert

Kavita J. Patel : Relationship Expert & Coach

Monica Shah : Revenue Breakthrough Coach

LiYana Silver : Relationship & Love Coach

Emily Tepper : Prosperity Ritualist

Holli Thompson : Nutritional Stylist

Dyana Valentine : Leadership Enthusiast & Speaker

Alisa Vitti : Founder, FLO Living

Meggan Watterson : Founder, REVEAL

So, who’s influenced you this year? In the comments below, share the names and websites of the women who have changed your world in 2012.